mala beads bracelet

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Mala beads bracelets, an embodiment of tranquility and concentration rooted in Buddhist and Hindu tradition, have garnered global appeal owing to their diverse benefits - spiritual, fashion-forward, or healing. These bracelets, found in our specially curated collection at, provide an essence of spirituality to everyday life. They serve not just as aesthetic adornments but also as a source of peace. is a trusted platform for those in search of carefully selected Mala beads bracelets featuring:

• Material Quality: Mala beads are sourced from the highest quality natural stones and woods to achieve their healing properties. Our collection includes bracelets made from diverse materials like stone or wood - all ensuring long-lasting wear.

• Exquisite Craftmanship: Every piece exhibits excellent craftsmanship. For instance, some pieces composed of alloy metals and others using base metals.

• Authentic Clasps: The bracelets come with different types of clasps mostly magnetic or lobster for easy wear and removal. Additionally, some items in the collection do not require a clasp.

• Gem Type: While the gem type in some bracelets remains unknown, certain bracelets feature circular gems that add to their charm.

Imbibe the blend of divinity and style with Mala bead bracelets. Let the tranquility of these creative pieces captivate the eyes of onlookers while enhancing your spiritual aura. Explore our carefully curated collection at, and take a step towards a life of focus, peace, and balance. Experience the magic as these bracelets become an integral part of your daily life. Embark on this divine journey with today!

FAQs about Mala Beads Bracelet

1. What is the significance of the 108 beads in mala bracelets?

The mala bracelets usually have 108 beads as it's a sacred number in Hinduism and Buddhism. It's believed that there are 108 earthly desires in humans, 108 lies humans tell, and 108 human delusions or forms of ignorance. Wearing a bracelet with 108 beads can help track a mantra during meditation, while also keeping you grounded, balanced, and connected to the divine.

2. How do you use mala beads bracelet for meditation?

To use mala beads for meditation, hold the mala in your hand and move from bead to bead for each breath or mantra. Start at the bead next to the 'guru' bead, and move each bead with the thumb towards the body. Continue this until you reach back at the guru bead. This process aids in keeping focus during meditation.

3. Do mala bead bracelets carry any healing properties?

Yes, mala bead bracelets can possess healing properties as they are often made from gemstones or wood which carry different energetic properties. For instance, lapis lazuli aids in communication, amethyst promotes calmness, and rose quartz fosters love. However, the effectiveness might vary from person to person, and one should not solely rely on them for healing.