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Brooch pin backs are a chic and functional way to express your style. They are essentially used for attaching brooches, badges, or other ornaments onto clothing. Their locking mechanism is designed to hold your accessories firmly in place, adding a sophisticated touch to your look. Available in different sizes and materials, brooch pin backs perfectly meet your design preferences and style quotient.

Choosing brooch pin back products on is simple and straightforward. Our selection prioritizes:

• Variety of Sizes: Our array includes small pin backs for lightweight brooches to large ones capable of holding heftier pieces, with varying item dimensions like 0.59 x 0.06 x 0.16 inches and widths up to 10 centimeters.

• High-quality Materials: offers pin backs made from top-grade materials such as metal and alloys, guaranteeing sturdy attachment without compromising style. Some are even fashioned with exquisite pearls for a touch of elegance.

• Vast Color Selection: While our collection prominently features silver, we also house other color options to suit your style preferences.

• User-friendly Clasps: We provide brooch pin backs with various clasp types, including clutch and pin design. For those who prefer a secure and easy attach-detach system, we also offer magnet clasp options.

• Unique Accents: Beyond the standard offerings, our elegant brooch pin backs are adorned with special features, such as crystal gems for added sparkle.

• Quality Assurance: Every product featured on, such as 'PJ-53' and 'Pin Backs', has been stringently quality checked, ensuring your purchase meets our high-quality standards. No matter the origin, be it China or elsewhere, quality is our prime focus.

Finally, discover the merging point of quality, affordability, and style at - your one-stop ideas place! For all your brooch pin back needs, our collection provides quality choices that are sure to suit each part of your design vision.

Indeed, it's time to step up your style game and give your brooches, badges, and embellishments the backing they deserve with our superior brooch pin backs. Allow your creative spirit to take control and establish your style with confidence. Explore and select from our comprehensive offering at today. The brooch pin back that perfectly snaps to your needs is just a click away! Immerse in a world of style, elegance, and secure accessorizing only at

FAQs about Brooch Pin Back

1. What are brooch pin backs used for?

Brooch pin backs are used to secure brooches, badges, pins, or other decorative items onto clothing. They feature a simple yet effective locking mechanism that ensures your adornments stay in place. They come in different sizes and materials to match your design preferences and style statement.

2. How can I choose the right brooch pin back for my accessories?

When choosing a brooch pin back, consider the size and weight of your accessory, the material you prefer, and the type of clasp that suits you best. On, you can find a wide variety of brooch pin backs in different sizes and materials, including metal, pearls, and alloys. They also come with different clasp types such as pin, clutch, and magnetic.

3. Can I purchase brooch pin backs in bulk?

Yes, purchasing brooch pin backs in bulk on can be a cost-effective option, especially for craft enthusiasts and retailers. With a wide array of brooch pin back options, offers the flexibility of bulk purchases in an easy and convenient way.