obsidian bead necklace

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Obsidian beads necklace, a beautiful amalgamation of tradition and fashion, is an essential accessory in every jewelry collection. Crafted from Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass, these necklaces are known for their sleek, lustrous, and smooth appearance. The obsidian bead necklace not only enhances your style aesthetics but also carries the mysticism from ancient times, believed to have healing and protective properties.

At jewelryonlight.com, we take pride in showcasing our meticulously selected collection of obsidian bead necklaces that offer:

• Quality Material: Our obsidian beads ensure a polished, rich and stunning look, being made from high-grade Obsidian stone. Some also incorporate Zinc as metal type, adding to the durability.

• Varied Designs: We offer a multitude of sizes, shapes as well as Chain types, like Ball and Cable, ranging from delicate bead necklaces to the bold statement pieces that can fit to your style preferences.

• Authenticity: Keeping authenticity as our priority, we source obsidian directly from volcanic history rich regions, additionally, our products do have country of origin, like China.

• Healing Properties: The Obsidian gemstone in our necklaces retains its believed properties of acting as a shield against negativity.

• Contemporary and Traditional: Our collection stands out, be it Y Shaped Necklaces, Cable Chain type, or Ball type clasps necklace, each modern design has maintained its traditional charm.

• Detailed Specification: For a tailored experience, details like item width (such as 2 inches), color (Black Obsidian), size (like 100 PCS), and shape (Round) are specified for each product.

Join us at jewelryonlight.com and experience the allure of the mystique and beauty of obsidian bead necklaces. Let these not just be fashion accessories but a symbol of well-being, a meaningful addition to your collection that whispers stories of nature and history. Unlock the charm of an obsidian bead necklace and let your jewelry cabinet shimmer a bit more with our extraordinary range.

FAQs about Obsidian Bead Necklace

1. What makes obsidian bead necklaces unique?

Obsidian bead necklaces are an amalgamation of style and ancient mystique. Created from volcanic glass, obsidian, these necklaces are not just fashion accessories but believed to carry protective properties. Whether it's a single strand of Obsidian beads or a more intricate necklace, such jewelry pieces can truly make a style statement while connecting the wearer to nature and history.

2. Where do you source obsidian for your bead necklaces?

At jewelryonlight.com, we place utmost importance on authenticity. We source the obsidian used in our necklaces directly from regions rich in volcanic history. It is due to this commitment to authenticity that our obsidian bead necklaces not only stand out in terms of beauty but also carry the rich geographical and historical values associated with the material.

3. Can I find obsidian bead necklaces of different shapes and sizes at jewelryonlight.com?

Yes, absolutely! We feature a wide selection of obsidian bead necklaces at jewelryonlight.com. We have various shapes, sizes, and designs that range from small, delicate bead necklaces to bold statement pieces. Additionally, we also include detailed specifications like the item width, color, and shape for a tailored shopping experience.