9 Best Online Places to Buy Body Jewelry You Like

Except for that common jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc, other types of jewelry like nose rings, toe rings, and belly rings that be worn on different parts of the body also falls under the category of Body Jewelry. Since body jewelry is attached to a body part, it is quite important to buy quality body jewelry that won't break and harm your body. If you are wondering where to shop them on reputable websites, this is the list of the 9 best places to buy body jewelry online for someone who is looking for a shop to buy various styles of body jewelry but doesn't want to drive around the town.

Body Art Forms

high-quality products, specific body jewerly

Various body jewerly brands are sold on Body Art Forms, piercings, earrings, plugs, tunnels... You can also get aftercare accessories on this website for one-stop shopping. The site also divided all the body jewelry into different sizes, lots of sizes are available, you can always find the size you need.

If you want some specific body jewerly, this website will be your best choice. Glass items such as glass earplugs are most recommend and worth trying. If your order reaches a certain amount, you can get some free items. Compared with product quality, their delivery and customer service have not fallen behind. Since the product quality, customer service, and delivery are all top-notch, a slightly higher price is also acceptable.

Body Candy

cute and fun body jewelry shop, themed body jewelry

Body Candy is a cute body jewelry shop, all the body jewelry has been sort into the department in order to facilitate consumers to find the items they are looking for. There are a variety of styles and types of body jewelry like belly button rings on this website, the customer service is also quite good. But sometimes when the orders are so large that they are not having got enough hands, the shipping will be later than the delivery time indicated on the website. For those who urgently need body jewelry, you can go to Amazon or Etsy to get the earrings you need faster.

For those who love cute and fashionable body jewelry, the website also sells themed body jewelry with fun and cute design, you can always find new design body jewelry on this website.


the largest shopping site, reliable and excellent service, diversified jewelry

As the largest online e-commerce company in the United States, speaking of body jewelry, Amazon also has huge selections of affordable and quality body jewelry, it's more reliable with excellent customer service and will relieve customers from the worries. The fast and cheap shipping will make you get the body jewelry you like as soon as possible. So, if you want to find a reliable website to buy body jewelry, Amazon will be the best place to shop for beginners in body piercing.


handmade body jewelry, customization, relaxing shopping experience

If you want to buy body jewelry but don't know where to go, or the actual store recommended by YouTubers or your friends is too far from your home, Etsy is also an awesome choice.

Etsy is a global online bazaar for handmade goods, some creators or jewerly designers will sell their body jewelry there, which means that the products are more unique and you have more options for customization. Although Amazon also has items that can be customized, almost every seller provides custom service for customers. If you like handmade, unique and special stuff, then go for Etsy. Besides, the wide catalog of products contains a lot of information on a page without it being cluttered, so it is quite a relaxing experience shopping on Etsy.


unique jewelry, personal style, and seamless online experience

JewelryOnLight is a premier online destination for unique and stunning jewelry pieces. Specializing in a variety of styles, from classic elegance to modern chic, JewelryOnLight offers something for everyone looking to express their personal style. The website emphasizes a seamless shopping experience with easy navigation and detailed product information, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect piece effortlessly. If you're searching for high-quality, distinctive jewelry that stands out, JewelryOnLight is the ideal choice. 

Blue Banana

the place to go for emo, punk clothes and gothic attire

A cool website to shop body jewerly. Blue Banana not only offers jewerly online but also has an offline store for customers to pick. The body jewerly on this website is perfect for those who love the Gothic style. Most stores tend to have more feminine jewelry designs, but on this website, men can also find what they want. Whats's more, it's also a good place to go for emo alternative items. Clothes, homeware,hair dye, etc, almost all the products that are not readily available in mainstream shops are also sold on this site.

Painful Pleasures

great place for both individuals and business, quality and custom body jewerly

A great place for those who have piercings or tattoos. They provide all kinds of body jewelry, aftercare products, piercing, and tattoo supplies. Except for some featured brands, the customized body jewerly are also available on Painfulpleasures according to your needs, which means that you can buy the unique body jewelry that only belongs to you. If you want to set up a piercing and tattoo business but don't know where to purchase all the equipment, Painfulpleasures will provide you all the equipment you need.

KOLO Piercing

special material, fancy design, actual store

KOLO Piercing is also the best place to buy body jewelry, especially for those who like fancy materials, such as amber, horn, and bone, etc. Those materials definitely make your body jewelry stand out from the crowd of regular body jewelry. Moreover, they also provide custom jewelry to meet different needs, you can create your own body jewelry. They constantly update their inventory to ensure that the jewelry they offer is the best they can find, which means your body jewelry will always be at the forefront of modern trends. If you are interested, you can drive to their offline store for hand-picked body jewelry.


world wide online auction and shopping website, cheap price but the various range

Compared to other traditional online shopping websites, eBay is actually more like an online auction place. Many internet users can sell second-hand products to customers on eBay.

The products on eBay are diverse, you can find almost anything you need on eBay, the price on this website is usually cheaper than Amazon, but the after-sale service may not as good as Amazon. But eBay will show who is the top-rated seller on the product display page for customers' reference, so even if you want to buy body jewerly, you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong retailer. Also, there are many special and fancy body jewelry sold on eBay, the options for you are a lot.

This is the list of the 9 best places to buy body jewelry online. Whether which kind of materials or styles, you should pay attention to the quality to ensure they won't infect your piercing body part. These online stores above have all received great acclaim, if you don't want to wander around to find the best place to buy body jewerly, then you can check out the recommended store in this article. Hope these sites will bring you the best shopping experience!

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