10 Popular Designer Bracelets for Now and Forever

When we talk about designer bracelets, many popular bracelets brands may occur to your mind, Cartier, Gucci, Pandora, and many more. With a long-term success on the market, they surely have something particularly appealing to people whether it’s non-fading fashion or timeless quality. In this article, we’ll explore and name brand bracelets, taking you to discover the most popular bracelets in 2021. So if you’re considering adding a designer bracelet to upgrade your collection, don’t miss the following designer bracelets all fashion icons are eyeing for.

Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier love

Cartier Love, the masterpiece of the famous French jewelry brand Cartier, remains today one of the most iconic symbols of love bracelets.

This 18K gold Cartier Love comes with an ideal oval shape with beautiful screw motifs. A little screwdriver is also included in the package for you to wear and remove this Cartier bracelet later. This is very necessary as the oval shape is a perfect combination of two C bands screwed together, which is said to symbolize the long-lasting love that can’t be dropped easily.

Tiffany T Wire Bracelet

Tiffany T

This modern bracelet is from Tiffany, an American jewelry brand with over 180 years of history and famous for its Forget-me-not blue.

Tiffany T wire bracelet is designed with a multifaceted T style with an elegant aesthetic, seeming like a physical reminder of friendship, love or any other connections you should cherish. With 18K gold, this shiny sophisticated bracelet can make you be the focus everywhere you’re in.

Louis Vuitton Essential V Bracelet

This iconic bracelet comes from Louis Vuitton, a French brand renowned for fashionable jewelry, handbags and waterproofing suitcases.

The Essential V bracelet is recognizable with the iconic V signature, one great symbol of Louis Vuitton designer bracelets. The material of 18K gold gives it a stunning look attracting huge lovers and making it a must-have in the wardrobe. Wearing this Louis Vuitton bracelet, your great taste with an exquisite life can be fully demonstrated.

This glamorous Serpenti Viper bracelet is from BVLGARI, another well-known Italian brand for reliable and fashionable jewelry and watches, etc.

The BVLGARI Serpenti Viper bracelet, one of the most luxurious bracelets, comes with a distinctive snake and scale design studded with pavé diamonds, capturing the power of seduction and showing the striking beauty of the spirit animal - snake. Wearing this bracelet around your wrist, your unique charming and personality will be upscaled.

Hermes Clic H Bracelet

This stunning bracelet is from Hermes, a famous French luxury brand combined with a rich heritage, high quality, superior professionalism and exquisite craftsmanship.

This Hermes bracelet is designed with gold-plated hardware studded with a narrow band of enamel. When wearing it on your wrist, you need to fasten or unfasten with a click sound, for which it became a worldwide famed iconic bracelet. In addition, the distinctive H symbol in the center of this gorgeous bracelet will also draw huge attention to you in the crowd.

Gucci Lion Head Bracelet

This 18k yellow gold bracelet is from Gucci, a well-known Italian brand creating many fashions around the world.

This Gucci bracelet features a wild lion head in precious white-diamond eyes and a deeply hued and faceted stone holding in its mouth, a perfect combination of lavish nature and the wildlife. Unlike any other jewelry you may own, the Gucci lion head bracelet can deeply show a sense of wild beauty and your pursuit of freedom.

Pandora Moments Heart Snake Bracelet

The snake chain is a sign of Pandora, a modern Danish jewelry brand famous for a variety of luxury bracelets, necklaces, charms, etc.

This Pandora bracelet is well manufactured and hand-finished in 14K gold with a heart clasp threading through the snake chain. It can be worn independently or teamed with other chain bracelets to build a multi-layered effect. With the gorgeous design and perfect craftsmanship, you may instantly fall in love with the life with it.

Celine Knot Bracelet

This knotted bracelet is from Celine, a famous French luxury goods brand that has been owned by the LVMH group since 1996.

Celine knot bracelet has a minimalistic design comprising an open brass bangle and a gold finish knot in the center. Wearing this extra-thin bracelet, your natural passion or deep love can be united, inseparable and unbreakable.

Folli Follie Style DNA Bracelet

This DNA-like bracelet is from Folli Follie, a modern Greek jewelry brand very popular with IT girls and renowned for affordable and fashionable luxuries.

This Folli Follie bracelet comes with a simple design in sterling 925 silver with an 18K yellow gold plated finish. 2 blinking F attached to one end of the bracelet features the initials of the Folli Follie brand that everyone can recognize. With this DNA bracelet, you’ll surely be the center of attention and show your personality as an IT girl.

David Yurman Oval Link Bracelets

This bracelet comes from David Yurman, America’s luxury jewelry brand famous for timeless innovation, inspiration, and craftsmanship.

This David Yurman bracelet comes with oval links interconnected with smooth lines and meticulously crafted engravings to add texture. It’s in sterling silver and bonded 18K yellow gold, creating a classic and timeless beauty with a distinctive style. You can wear it alone or mix and match it with other bracelets to build your unique gorgeous look and feel.

So here are the 10 popular designer bracelets 2021 with unique features, fashion aesthetics, and high quality. No matter whether you want to add a touch of luxury to your daily life or invest to keep it as an art collection, this bracelet brands list can have the best designer bracelets brands for you to consider. Hope they can help you in making your best choice.