Is 14k Italy Gold Fake or Real? All You Want to Know about 14k Italy

As a precious metal, gold has always been popular. Gold is widely used in jewelry for its beautiful glimmer. But there are many kinds of gold on the market. 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k are the most common gold stamps. 14K is now widely used in jewelry because it's cheaper than 18K but much better than 10K, so today we're going to introduce the 14 Italy gold. If you ever come across a 14k Italy chain or a 14k Italy gold bracelet, etc. but are not sure whether it is real or do not know how much a piece of 14k Italy jewelry is worth, this purchase guidance will help. Read on and find out all you want to know about 14k Italy gold.

14k Chain

What is 14k Italy Gold?

Before we start with the 14k Italy gold introduction, there is a unit named “karat” for measuring how pure gold we should know. 24 karat means pure gold. (Actually, it can't be 100% pure but close enough to 99.99% due to impurities); 18 karat gold is 75% pure gold with 25% other metals; 14 karat gold is 58.5% pure gold with 41.5% other metal alloys, which means it is made up of 14 parts gold, out of the 24 parts that turn out to be pure gold.

Back to 14k Italy, when you see 14k Italy stamped on the jewelry, it means it is made of 14k gold made in Italy. Besides, In Europe, instead of karat, the percentage number of gold content represents the purity of gold. For example, a 14K gold from Italy is marked with the number 585; 18K gold is 7500, 10K is 4167, and so on.  (In the United States, gold with less than 10k genuine gold carried the karat mark is illegal.)

How Much is 14k Italy Gold Worth Per Gram?

Due to various factors, the daily gold price will fluctuate. Currently, 14k Itlay gold is worth $30-35 per gram. So you'd better check the daily gold price on Google before you buy or sell 14k Italy gold jewelry. Also, the price of 14k Italy jewelry is influenced by the place you purchase it. If you want to buy a 14k gold men's bracelet Italy or a 14k Italian gold chain, you will find that the total price will always be higher than the base price (weight of gold x per gram price of gold), for the manual costs are also added to the total price.

If you are selling 14K Italy jewelry at a pawn shop, it is expected to get around 80% of the spot market value of the jewelry at that time. Some shops will probably pay you less than half the retail value. It's best to choose a reliable store to ask in person.

Although the purity of 14k gold is less than that of 18k and 24k gold and the price is cheaper than that of 18k and pure gold, it still has the charming shine of gold. In addition, since the other metal alloys' content is relatively high, the texture is hard and not easy to be damaged.

The common 14k Italy gold on the market includes:

14k Italy gold bracelet

The 14k gold bracelet is elegant in color and high in hardness.

14k Italy gold necklace

14k Italy gold necklace is a low-key luxury, and is comfortable to wear.

14k Italy gold ring

14k Italy gold ring is suitable for everyday wear, and casual fashion.

14k Italy gold earring

14k Italy gold earring is simple and generous and does not cause allergy.

14k Italy gold brooch

14k Italy gold brooch is delicate and noble, modeling diversity.

14k Italy gold breastpin

14k Italy gold breastpin is a time-durable, good partner for the suit.

If you like the glitter of gold but don't want to spend too much on a piece of jewelry and don't want to bother with the maintenance of gold jewelry, choose 14k Italy gold. It won't let you down.

How to Tell if 14k Italy Gold is Real?

Gold Acid Test

14k Italy gold doesn't have the saturated golden color of 24k gold. The color of 14k gold is lighter than that of 24k gold. It is hard to spot the fake 14k Italy gold with the naked eye. Here are some methods to help you distinguish whether the 14K Italy gold is real or not.

Magnetic Test

Since gold is a non-magnetic material, it is not attracted by a magnet.

But this method doesn't accurately test whether your 14k Italy gold chains or bracelet is 14k gold, for we've motioned above that 14k gold contains about 41.5% mental alloys, some of which are attracted to the magnet.

Check the Stamp

All the 14K Italy gold jewelry has fineness marks instead of karat marks. The 14k Italy gold will be stamped 585 by the manufacturers to show the purity level of gold. If you bought the jewelry from a legitimate shop, it should be real gold. But sometimes, some unscrupulous manufacturers will fake 14k Italy gold items to get more profit. If you see “ 14k Italy” and “585” on a piece of 14k Italy gold chain or other jewelry, these forged marks indicate that this item has no gold content.

Acid Test

Rub the tested gold jewelry against the touchstone, then you will see some gold scratches on the stone.

Use a glass rod to test nitric acid on the scratches, wait for a second and observe the color changes and chemical reactions.

Because gold is chemically stable and does not react with acid, so, the color does not change. If it is not gold or pure gold, the scratches will disappear or change. The lower the gold content, the faster the disappearance of scratches; the higher the gold content, the slower the disappearance.

The test kit can be bought on Amazon.

Test by Professional Organization

If you still don't know if your gold jewelry is real, it is best to have it evaluated by a professional organization.

Why is Italian Gold More Expensive?

The price of Italian gold sold in the US is determined by the import tax placed by the US government on Italian gold jewelry. Because the government levies a tariff on Italian gold imports, the price of Italian gold is relatively expensive.

In addition, a few years ago, the United States had manufacturers get away with producing gold below 14k purity but still stamped 14k. But if you buy real jewelry and it says '14k Italy', you know it's real 14k gold.

Moreover, Italy is also known for its fine jewelry-making. Italy gold represents excellent quality and exquisite design. These excellent qualities will also make it more expensive.

That's why those 14k Italian gold chain,14k Italy gold bracelet, or other 14K gold Italy jewelry with excellent quality often costs more than gold from other areas.


14k gold from Italy is of excellent quality, but there are many counterfeits on the market that still need to be carefully identified. It's best to choose a legal store to buy 14k Italy gold. After reading this article, I believe that you already have a full understanding of 14k Italy gold. Hope this article will be of great help in purchasing 14k Italy gold.