15+ Bracelet ideas: Easy String, Beads & Metal Designs

Bracelets are great accessories that can add to your style. They are uncomplicated to wear and can adapt well to your chosen outfit. But as easy as having tons of bracelet ideas, wearing the wrong bracelet can also ruin your overall aesthetic appearance.

The best way to have the most suitable bracelet design for you is to create it yourself. There are a lot of bracelet ideas with string, gold bracelets, metal bracelets, and other easy DIY styles that you can do. Friendship bracelet ideas are also often linked to doing it yourself.

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet Ideas

Without further ado, we listed here some of the best friendship bracelet ideas which you can make. Just a point of advice – be sure to enjoy every minute of making your bracelets. The purpose of creating one is so that you can infuse it with your love and genuine care for your friends.

1. DIY Wrap Bangle

You can never go wrong with wrap bangles. They are easy to make and top our list of bracelet ideas with strings. Prepare a set of bangles, different colors of yarn or strings, glue, charms, and pliers. Put glue on the bangle and wrap the string around it. With a plier, place charms on some parts of the bangle for added design. Mix and match the colors and charms.

2. Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelets are used mostly by people who go camping or trekking adventures. This is because paracords have a lot of effective uses. They are also seen as lifesavers for those who get accidents during mountaineering or going offroad.

You have a lot of paracord tying tutorials which you can find online.Examples include the tire tread bracelet, oat spike, blaze bar, feather bar, and beanstalk bar. They can be difficult to do at first but once you grow accustomed to making these beautiful paracord knots, they are easy bracelet ideas to do. (Want to know how to make a paracord bracelet?)

3. Braided Cuff Bracelet

This design is a great combination of metal and strings.  The metal braided cuff is one of the metal bracelet ideas that look simple and have no compromise. Simply tie the strings to the metal cuff and you are good to go. The aesthetic mainly depends on the color of yarn you pick.

4. Letter Beads Bracelet

Another sure way to customize your bracelet is by using letter beads. The sky is the limit when it comes to bracelet ideas with letter beads. Pick the name that you want on the bead as well as the favorite color of the person to who you will give the bracelet.

5. Beaded Leather Bracelet

Another bead bracelet suggestion is the beaded leather bracelet. The perfect combination of beads and leather makes accessorizing more fun. Pick the beads that are big enough to fit leather strings. Cut two strips of leather and insert them into the hole of the beads.

6. Hex Nut Bracelet

Have you ever seen hex nuts before? These are the hexagon-shaped nuts that fasten bolts permanently. They usually come in either gold or silver. In creating hex nut bracelets, you can use any of the two but the gold ones are preferred. One of these gold bracelet ideas is to shape the nuts like a diamond and tie them accordingly to keep them in place.

7. Rope Bracelet

One of the easiest bracelet ideas you can make is the rope bracelet. It is recommended to those who like anything and everything to do with the marine. You may want to use familiar nautical knots for this gift.

8. Morse code bracelet

The Morse code bead bracelet contains information that only your friends know. Include this in your gold bracelet ideas. Use gold for this bracelet because it will not flake or get chipped easily.

9. Loom Bracelet

Rainbow loom bracelets are composed of rubber and plastic bands of different colors which can be designed through weaving the loom bands with charms. This is very popular with teens and tweens.

10. Beaded Ring Bracelet

Beaded ring bracelets have beads that are sewn together in a string and then attached to another string shaped to fit the ring finger.  These bracelets are unique and can enhance any kind of outfit. You may use single or multi-colored beads depending on the occasion.

11. Wooden Bracelet

A wooden bracelet symbolizes freedom and creativity. Some say it also reflects the spirituality of a person. You can find a lot of wooden bracelets in the market. You can have them engraved with your name for added customization.

12. Tassel Bracelet

If you combine a set of beads and a tassel made of yarn, you have yourself a tassel bracelet. You can be playful when creating tassel bracelets because beads and yarns come in all colors and sizes.

13. Leather Bow Bracelet

You may have seen this trend nowadays. People wear leather bow bracelets almost everywhere. Even special events ask guests to wear this innovative accessory.

14. Leather Friendship Bracelet

A leather friendship bracelet is made up of leather and sometimes brass or copper. These metal bracelet ideas bring friendship to another level as they remind the wearer of the deep companionship that they have with each other.

15. Hardware Store Bracelets

One of the metal bracelet ideas that made this list is the hardware store bracelet. Hose clamps, copper washers, bolts, nuts, and thumbtacks can be used to accentuate your outfit.

16. Neon Rope Bracelets

These are novelty bracelet that comes in various colors. You may get these string bracelets with different patterns for added design.

17. Knitted Bracelets

Another bracelet that takes a lot of effort is the knitted bracelet. First, you have to learn how to knit to create a knitted bracelet. For beginners, you can take quite a while in making one knitted bracelet. But as you learn to do it, you can get faster in doing one.

18. Floral DIY Bracelet

This one uses natural flowers on the bracelet. You will need to prepare the wire, attach the ribbon, then put some flowers of your choice on the bracelet. You can mix and match different flowers to your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get letter beads?

Letter beads are available in the market for purchase. You will find spherical, cubic, and even cylindrical alphabet beads. You will just need to combine them to the message that you want to convey.

How long should the strings be when creating bracelets?

Different bracelets require specific lengths depending on the complexity of the bracelet ideas that you have in mind. But generally, you may want to use strings of up to 36 to 70 inches in length. This should be enough for your unique creation.

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