Do Men Wear Engagement Rings? Here’s What Should You Know

Do men wear engagement rings? You may have this question because of your observance of how the marriage proposal was conducted—the man kneeling, raising the engagement ring and offering it to the lady, and then asking their hand in marriage. If she says yes to the proposal, it’s customary that she accepts the ring and wears it until their wedding day. Apparently, no jewelry is handed to their male at such time because it is the female you are asking for permission to marry and not the other way around. With this being said—is the wearing of engagement rings limited to one gender? Can future husbands wear them as well? In today’s topic, I will discuss the important points in the tradition of engagement rings, do men wear engagement rings, and whether they’re at all appropriate for men to wear during the pre-nuptial period according to western culture.

Engaged Couples

The Tradition of Engagement Rings

You have to take note here that an engagement ring is not the same as a wedding ring. An engagement ring is basically an emblem that signals a commitment to marriage. In other words, such jewelry is worn as a sign that you have entered the engagement phase or marriage preparations, so to speak. There are no specific laws mandating the couples to wear them at this point in their relationship. However, the acceptance of a guy’s proposal to marriage is definitely a momentous occasion to remember. Therefore, it is a special event that many people pay extra attention to.

The tradition usually involves a man presenting an engagement ring to the lady he fancy. A male usually does this in a kneeling position as a sign of respect and submission. And then, the female has to respond by yes or no. A yes constitutes that she has to wear the jewelry until their wedding day. Afterward, a wedding ring is added during the marriage ceremony. Since engagement rings are given to the female partner, have you wondered do both partners wear engagement rings? Do men get engagement rings?

As mentioned, such jewelry is only part of a tradition, and it is not really a necessity before the wedding. With this being said, no specific requirements are mentioning that only the female can wear them. So do guys wear engagement rings? The answer is yes, and only if they are willing to wear them. Also, there’s a special requirement in wearing them, and I will further explain them in the following sections.

History of Engagement Rings

There’s no definite time period when the tradition of giving engagement rings during marriage proposal started. As far as history goes, it originated from the ancient Romans, according to anthropologists. It is a custom during this era whereby men provide their women companions a ring attached to a key that is supposed to indicate ownership. The first use of the diamond engagement ring on record is in 1477. It was commissioned by Archduke Maximilian of Austria for Mary of Burgundy. The glamour of the diamond ring has influenced much European nobility and aristocracy at that time. Since then, the engagement ring has always been a part of the pre-nuptial tradition. A diamond ring is still a popular option for many couples. And the reason why this is the case is because of the durability of the diamond, which basically signifies a strong and lasting relationship.

In the next part of the article, I will further discuss the notion of “do men wear engagement rings?” and reasons for wearing them and not wearing them. And if they indeed place them on their ring finger, what is the proper way of doing it. Although there are no regulations regarding its wearing, you have to take note that we are sentimental beings. Special occasions call for extraordinary preparations, and wedding ceremonies are special events that should only come once in a lifetime.

Why Do Men Wear Engagement Rings

At this point, it is pretty much established that “a man wear engagement rings” if they want to. And the reason why a man may place them on their finger is to show their commitment to marriage in public. In general, the engagement ring is a symbol of love and eternity, and especially the men’s good intention in fulfilling the promise of marriage. In some way, it is also an advantage to the soon-to-be wife because it sort of displaying that the future groom is no longer available for any casual relationships with other females.

If men do wear the jewelry, there are specific engagement ring rules wearing that they have to follow. If the lady places them to their left hand, do guys wear engagement rings on their right hand? Since men are not traditionally covered by such practice, they may wear them on either hand. However, it should be placed on the fourth finger, also referred to as the ring finger. Also, the engagement ring is traditionally offered to the future bride and adds a wedding ring afterward, but do men wear wedding rings as well? Yes, absolutely. And the placement of the jewelry is also similar to the engagement ring.

Why Don’t Men Wear Engagement Rings

In western culture, men are not necessarily dictated to wear an engagement ring. In events that they don’t place them in their ring fingers, one may ask—why don’t guys wear engagement rings? What are the motives why they may not use them? A huge reason for such is our cultural practice. A diamond engagement ring is usually offered by a man to a lady and proposes marriage, and it is not conducted the other way around.

What to Consider When Picking

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring for you and your partner. And here are some of the checklists you may have to take note off—

  • First and foremost, you have to consider your budget

  • The second most important consideration is to decide on the design and determine the size of your partners’ finger

  • The next one is to decide whether the ring would have a center gemstone. Such consideration may depend on your budget

  • The next step is also known as the 4C‘s. It involves selecting the diamonds’ cut, color, clarity (grade), and carat (weight)

  • Choose the metal band—silver, platinum, gold, white gold, etc.

  • Select the setting or positioning of the gemstone—bezel, prong, or halo

  • If you have an extra budget, you may also decide to add complementary gemstones

In the next section are some of the engagement ring styles that are specially made for men…

Men’s Engagement Rings Styles

There are many options to choose from in picking an engagement ring for your male partner. But what’s great about engagement rings for men is that they do not bear a gemstone most of the time, and the band style and finish are sufficient to make your partner happy. Some of the popular men’s engagement band styles in the market include platinum, gold, silver, white gold, or rose gold. As for the finish, you can select from those that are designs that are matte, satin, sandblasted, high polish, and cross satin.

Why Do Only Females Wear Engagement Rings?

As mentioned, an engagement ring is offered by a man to the lady he loves for the purpose of asking their lady’s hand in marriage. This is how the western culture is set up in accordance with the wedding proposal tradition. And during the early, it doesn’t work the other way around. However, it’s not really a necessity to do such an act. It is rather a customary act appropriate during the time period. Although it is still widely conducted in the present day, the offering of engagement rings is no longer limited to one gender or vice versa. A female, or in the case of the LGBTQ community, may ask a man’s hand in marriage. I hope today’s article has helped you clear some of the concerns and answered the all-important question—do men wear engagement rings?

Frequently Asked Questions about Do Men Wear Engagement Rings

Here are some of the commonly asked questions on the topic of “do men wear engagement rings?”—

Which Hand to Wear Engagement Rings?

Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn similarly to a wedding ring, which is the left hand and fourth finger or commonly referred to as the ring finger. However, since males are not customary to wear one, they may place it on their ring fingers on either hand.

Can Same-Sex Couples Wear Engagement Rings?

Yes, absolutely. Each couple can wear an engagement ring and then add a wedding ring afterward.

Do Both Partners Wear Engagement Rings?

In western culture tradition, men are not customary to wear engagement rings because they are the ones proposing for the lady’s hand in marriage. However, they may wear an engagement ring if the couples decide that each of them should wear one.

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