Evil Eye Bracelets: The Truth about its Symbolism

The evil eye bracelet is a popular symbol in many religions and cultures around the world. Despite its somewhat off-putting evil eye symbolism, it provides a unique aesthetic that many fashion-conscious people adore. For today’s article, I will discuss some of the specifics of the evil eye and the factors you have to bear in mind before you immerse yourself in the tradition. I’ll also give you some of my recommendations to help you buy the perfect set of evil eye bracelets. So without further ado, let’s start…


The History of Evil Eye

The term evil eye may sound mean and something you have to get away from. However, the actual representation of the amulet is actually contrary to its literal meaning. The said purpose of an evil eye bracelet is meant to provide protection to its wearer and not impose any harm. However, it is believed to bring a series of unfortunate events to the individuals to whom the eye is directed or staring other than the wearer. It is also said that the talisman’s power strengthens if the eye specifically stares at the person you dislike.

Accessories related to the evil eye may also sound new to some, but their wearing actually dated back to the Paleolithic period, about 10,000 years ago. And the usage of the bracelet was first recorded about 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. Also, the use of the evil eye ideology was also discovered in the drinking jars of the ancient Greeks in the 6th century BC. The symbol can also be found in major religious sectors such as Christianity, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism.

What Does Different Colors Evil Eye Bracelet Meaning?

As mentioned, the traditional wearing of an evil eye bracelet is more of an amulet than a regular accessory. With this being said—you can expect that there are some specifics in regards to placement and palette. Let’s go over to the significance of each color scheme and its supposed implication to the wearer—

  • Gold Evil Eye Bracelet – Better health, relief from stress, and improved cognition
  • White Evil Eye Bracelet – Guidance, focus, and ability to clear the clutter
  • Dark Blue Evil Eye Bracelet – Good karma, calmness, and communication
  • Orange Evil Eye Bracelet – Happiness, creativity, and motivation
  • Dark Green Evil Eye Bracelet – Balance, happiness, and courage
  • Light Blue Evil Eye Bracelet – Protection, peace, and better decision-making
  • Brown Evil Eye Bracelet – Protection from elements, order, connection to nature
  • Purple Evil Eye Bracelet – Imagination, balance, and ability to remove obstacles
  • Red Evil Eye Bracelet – Energy, stress-relief, and courage
  • Pink Evil Eye Bracelet – Friendship, relaxation, and serenity
  • Gray Evil Eye Bracelet – Happiness, creativity, and regulation with other colors
  • Light Green Evil Eye Bracelet – Contentment, good health, and success

As you see, the variety of colors provides a unique evil eye bracelet meaning. Such characteristics allow you to select the best color scheme that best suits your preference.

Evil Eye Bracelet Recommendation

You can find tons of results on the internet regarding the accessory. Such a case could be problematic and challenging if you intend to find an authentic evil eye bracelet. This is especially true if you are not familiar with the subtle elements in spotting the real evil eye bracelet from the fake ones. And to give you some ideas on what to look for, I will provide you my evil eye bracelet recommendation to enable you to tell the difference between the genuine items and imitations—

1. The Tarsus Version Three Evil Eye Seven Knot Lucky Bracelets

Aside from its dark blue evil eye representation, the seven red knots are also believed to provide significant influence to the wearer, such as the prevention of bad energies. Also, the red band is meant to symbolize the evil eye bracelet protection against general danger. The combination of blue and red is also the perfect blend of outdoor and spiritual vibe.

2. Tarsus Big Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet and Kabbalah Red String Amulet

This product is another great evil eye protection bracelet from the Tarsus brand. As mentioned in the earlier section, the light blue color scheme symbolizes better judgment, peace, and protection from danger. To boost your luck, the OJO design of the bracelet adds fortune, prosperity and wards off any bad luck that comes your way.

3. Turkey Evil Eye Bracelet for Women

If you desire to add more aesthetics by wearing an evil eye bracelet, then the brand offered by “Choice of All” is probably the one you are looking for. What’s more about the accessory is that it is a 14K gold evil eye bracelet.

4. Sucanra Evil Eye Bracelet Adjustable Lucky Red Strings

If what you’re looking for is an evil eye bracelet for babies, then the Sucanra brand is the best fit for your little ones. Another plus feature of the accessory is it’s available in matching bracelets for the mother as well. The evil eye is also the combination of three popular colors such as light blue, white, and dark blue. The palette symbolizes good karma, protection, and calmness.

5. Brazel 18K Gold and White Gold Evil Eye Bracelet

Brazel’s evil eye bracelet gold is perfectly blended with formal attires. Also, their excellent craftsmanship makes them an ideal piece for office workers and during high-end social gatherings. Also, they’re very budget-friendly and durable.

6. Me Plus Women Fashion Stainless Steel Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

The typical strap designs of an evil eye bracelet could either be a fabric strand or any thin threads. The style Me Plus offers goes in a different direction which is flashier and has a youthful vibe into it. The diamond embedded in the middle is designed to be the core of the evil eye. It also emits luxury and makes them aesthetically pleasing when worn.

7. Cool Steel and Beyond Women and Mens Evil Eye Bracelet

The evil eye bracelet on the listings of Cool Steel and Beyond have mat-finished beads and a stainless steel core bead. Compared to other items mentioned in this content, the accessory is highly durable and resistant to elements and makes them an excellent piece for outdoor activities.

8. Turandoss Dainty Layered Bracelet for Women

The Turandoss Bracelet is made of a 14K gold plate that is layered with a secondary design. The materials used in crafting one bracelet are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Another great thing about them is that the seller also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the evil eye bracelet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Evil Eye Bracelet

Here are some of the common queries about evil eye bracelets—

What is Real Evil Eye Bracelet?

The real or traditional purpose of evil eye accessories is as an amulet or talisman. What this means is that it is believed to provide some sort of power as protection or provision of goodwill in the future.

How Evil Eye Bracelet Protects You?

It is widely believed that the evil eye is meant to provide protection and prosperity.

Is it Bad to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

The answer is no. Aside from the charm it provides, its unique style is also a great boost to your overall attire for the day.