History of Engagement Rings and Important Details

The tradition of engagement rings has been in practice as far as I can remember. However, it never really bothered me to wonder about its origin and why it does matter. All I know is that it is important, and we have to do it at some point in our adult lives. But today, I was a little curious and desired to ponder its significance and cultural impact. And the article I am writing today is the result of that curiosity. If you like to know the facts on the history of engagement rings as well, then the article I have prepared for today is what you are looking for. So without any further delays, let’s get right into it…

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Happy couple

History of Engagement Rings

The expression of bestowing your future spouse was believed to have started in ancient times. Pre-wedding traditions were found to spread across ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. In comparison to modern generations, the practice is much more revered during those eras. For example, the Roman bride is supposed to wear two rings to be used in different instances whenever they’re in public or at home. However, one Roman practice still stands today, which is the engagement ring should be worn on the left ring finger where the vein is situated.

Also, the diamond engagement rings we are accustomed are different during those eras—the history of engagement ring style changes as time goes by. In the beginning, it’s rather made of pure gold metal bands with no special designs or embellishments. Diamonds and other precious stones are only introduced later to constitute meaning and significance to the momentous event. So when did diamond engagement rings become a trend? Let’s talk about that in the next section…

History of Diamond Engagement Rings

The giving of diamond engagement rings during wedding proposals has been around since medieval times. And the first recorded act was in 1477 and was first given by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in an Imperial Court in Vienna, Italy. Since it’s a public place, such expression of love was witnessed by many royals and high-class society at the time, and it was deemed romantic, which led to its mimicry. As a result, a new pre-marriage tradition was born! A form of expression we are still practicing today.

However, the question still remains—what is the significance of a diamond in an engagement ring anyway? At first, it was the stereotype that diamonds are ladies’ best friends. Yes, the sparkles of a diamond light the eyes of the ladies, but the real significance of the precious stone goes beyond its glitz and glamour. A diamond jewelry piece symbolizes sincerity and eternal or lasting relationships.

Why is an Engagement Ring so Important

As mentioned in the early parts of the article, engagement rings are an expression of love and representation of the couples’ agreement to hand in marriage. Although engagement rings through history did change a couple of times from generation to generation, the meaning it conveys remains the same. Also, it does highly important to many soon-to-be spouses because it is a sign of promise that each of them will be truthful, devoted, and committed to the relationship for better or for worse. In addition, the concentric form of the engagement ring is a universal sign of eternity or forever since it has no beginning and endpoint. In any case, and no matter what your beliefs are to the matter, the love and respect that the couple has for each other is the most important thing you have to bear in mind.

Although the general consensus in engagement rings is diamonds, there’s no limitation or rule to what you may wear at the start and during the pre-marriage period. Besides, it is your special day, so the type and form of the engagement depend on the partners’ personal touch or preferences. In any way, having unique engagement rings makes the pre-marriage period extra-special for you and your future spouse.

However, if you’re not sure about the designs and specific features of the engagement rings, then there are a few considerations you have to take note of in order to create the best wedding piece. One example is to think of elements that mean something to you and your partner, and then you can decide on the form of the ring—will it be a traditional band, twisted, embellished with precious stones all around, etc. And lastly, what gemstones you’re going to embed—is it a diamond, sapphire, opal, topaz, ruby, etc.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Rules

Another part of the engagement ring tradition is the rules that go along with it. First and foremost, the proper wearing the engagement ring should be worn on your left hand, particularly on your ring finger or the one right next to your pinky finger. And this is the case because it is where the vein that is directly linked to your heart is situated. On your wedding day, the ring placement changes from the left hand to the right hand. However, the position is still on your ring finger, just like your engagement ring.

The next question that you may have is whether you can wear both an engagement and wedding ring? And the answer is a resounding yes! You can place it at both hands where it should be positioned, or you can put the engagement ring along with the wedding ring. Again, there are no specific rules here, and they will all rely on your preferences.

Final Thoughts

I hope my topic on the history of engagement rings and other fun facts about them has provided you with valuable insights on the matter. As you see, the tradition of pre-marriage rituals has been around since ancient times. And it is meant to be a special event for the future spouses in preparation for their wedding day or tying of the knot, so to speak. And in any case, it’s your special day to prepare, and there are no limitations to impede you from creating the wedding day you have in mind. Therefore, be creative and make it memorable—besides, what matters the most is your love and respect for each other.

I guess we’ve covered enough grounds here! Thank you for the time and effort in reading today’s discussion! I hope to see you in the articles! Peace!

Frequently asked questions about Engagement Ring Trends

1. How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

There are many different factors that determine the price of an engagement ring, so it's hard to give you a general rule. But there is one thing: You should spend at least 2 months salary on your partner’s finger. So before making such life changing decisions make sure they're worth every penny spent by doing research into what kind or style best suits both partners' tastes and budget constraints.

2. What’s the average size of an engagement ring?

The perfect ring for your loved one should be exactly that - theirs. It's not about what size it is, but rather the weight of its contents: an diamond or a gemstone center stone ring’s average size is 1.2-1.5 carat. (It depends.)