The Best and Popular Jewelry for Teenage Girls in 2022

When it comes to teenage jewelry trends, our girl teens are really a tough crowd to please. It is always out with the old and in with the new! But we totally get you. We know how teen jewelry trends are always on fire. This year, there were definitely standouts and impressive designs that are appealing to our teens. That is why we went out of our way and listed down some unique tips on the best jewelry for teenage girls. Once you are done reading, we can be fairly certain, you will find something worth your approval and admiration for. Let us start.

Initial Heart Necklaces

Heart nechlace

There is nothing not to like about these necklaces for teen girls. Even the girl who is not into jewelry will be attracted to this necklace. That is because the design is simply classic. Made of a 14k gold-filled material, the design is a personalized necklace that carries a tiny opulent heart pendant. It comes with an initial on it symbolizing the bearer’s name. Because it is personalized, this necklace for teenage girls will be sentimental and unique as it will always remind them of something once worn. On that note, the initial heart necklaces are prone to tarnishing if not well taken care of. To make their wearable life longer, be sure to seal them in plastic bags when not in use.

Infinity Cross Pendant Necklace

Another sentimental necklace for teenage girls on trend today is the Infinity cross pendant necklace. This sterling silver necklace is a 16 inches long chain that features a perfect match of an infinity pendant and cross. The item is completely nickel free which makes it also good for those having sensitive skin types. It makes for the perfect present for any occasion. This is your go-to item if you can’t find anything for your teenage girl. Furthermore, these necklaces are also available in gold jewelry for teenage girls.

Embellished Crystal Necklace

Trendy necklaces for teens? Count this embellished crystal necklace in. Plated with 18k of white or rose gold, the stylish design of the necklace features a dazzling pendant. It is embedded with shiny Swarovski crystals, the perfect imitator of diamonds. No wonder it makes one of the popular necklaces for teen girls today. The vibrant, fancy rock may be chosen in different colors. You have options like blue, red, purple, and clear, among others. And since it is made from hypoallergenic materials, it can be safely worn with no concern for skin rashes or infections.

Sunflower Charm Bracelet

One of the coolest, on trend bracelets for teenage girls today is the sunflower charm bracelet design. Charm bracelets have been famous ever since and are one of the accessories that never go out of style. Particularly for teenage girls, wearing a perfect charm bracelet is always pretty to look at. The features of this charm bracelet come with a sunflower, a butterfly, a pearl, a heart, and a beautiful message engraved on the circular charm. On top of that, the bracelet is expandable. This means anyone can comfortably wear it. Additionally, the initials can be customized as per order requests. You certainly have the liberty to choose the letter that you want to be engraved.

Baby Crystals Sterling Silver Bracelets

If charm bracelets aren’t your thing, these baby crystals sterling silver bracelets might be for you. This beautiful design makes one of the best bracelets for teens today. The sterling silver bracelet features white and pink simulated Swarovski pearls. It goes with any outfit which makes it versatile to be worn by teenagers and young ladies. Being also on trend, this bracelet makes it perfect to be given as gifts.

Beautiful Butterfly Stud Earrings

These beautiful butterfly stud earrings are made of surgical stainless steel. It is a very safe option to use for teenagers. The jewelry for teens today has been widely distinct and highly expresses individuality — this earring design included. The pair features are decorated with cubic zirconia crystals in a blue shade. It hills up such that it forms the shape of a butterfly’s wings. For the backing, the lock looks like a tiny crown that holds well even in high energy activities. Being that it is simple yet very elegant when worn, it fits almost all occasions due to its sophisticated design. It will certainly outdo any outfit you wear it on.

To The Moon and Stars Ring Set

This sterling silver set of rings are what’s on trend today particularly in rings. It certainly gives that boho and hippie feel for fashion. Besides bracelets, fashionable rings also make a great expression of individuality. Especially when it comes to a set, it can provide a variety of collocation. You can match with suitable apparel for different occasions. Given that in a single purchase you get more rings, you can either stack them or use them as a single ring. Either way, it would still be fashionable and cool to look at.

Along with the pieces mentioned above comes also the popular teenage jewelry brands on the rise. Some of these brands also offer jewellry sets for teenage girls. This is an advantage especially if you are looking for matching accessories or if you simply want to buy a set that has all — a necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings, or a combination of which. The wide selection of jewelry offered by these brands is even more extensive than it was before. Depending on your budget, some are also offered at an affordable price. Whatever fits your option, there is always something for you. Here below, we have wrapped up a few of the popular teenage jewelry brands today.

  • EleQueen — Because this brand is very popular, you can find them on Amazon. They have quite an impressive selection of jewelry pieces including brooches and rings that are famous in snowflake designs and sets. They also vary in styles and metals. The stones used by the brand are primarily cubic zirconia. The jewelry brand’s classic, trendy and retro designs appeal to teenagers today.
  • Honolulu Jewelry Brand — The brand offers an impressive selection of 14k solid gold and sterling silver jewelry. Other than the common pieces like necklaces and earrings, they also have available toe rings and the like. Honolulu jewelry brand offers mostly cable chain necklaces made from the stated materials. You can avail a pendant and a necklace chain separately or have them both together. From simple yet classic designs to something intricate, the Honolulu jewelry brand is certainly fashionable and a teenage girl’s pick.
  • Ross-Simons — Last but definitely not the least, the Ross-Simons brand. The jewelry brand has been existent for more than 65 years now. And it is still on the running as one of the popular teenage jewelry brands. It prides itself on offering glamorous jewelry pieces to our teenagers. On top of that, they also offer personalized pieces, which are not always offered in other brands. Furthermore, you can shop on this brand various gemstones to your liking.They have emerald, sapphire, and ruby, among others.

Final Thoughts

It is true that when it comes to teenage years, desires and emotions can be fleeting. This is also true with our trends especially with jewelry for teenage girls. But every so often, a classic and elegant design emerges and they keep coming back on trends for a good reason. The best thing to do is always browse for ideas — what’s trending and what’s not. Be open with your options for your jewelry so you always have something to wear, whatever the occasion may be. Above all, it pays to take care of our jewelry pieces. This way, it can serve you longer. Finally, what we have discussed above are some of the popular and best ones yet. Make sure to keep at least one of those trendy designs.