How to Wear Statement Necklace with Confidence and Glamour

There is more to jewelry than just giving you that luxurious vibe anytime you wear them. They actually lose their supposed glamour when you’re wearing the wrong pieces of jewelry and fail to wear them with confidence. And yes, your personality and attitude should reflect the items you are wearing as well. So how do you do just that? Well, the answer is statement necklaces!

If you are conscious about how you wear them, it is very important to know the best statement necklaces for a specific occasion. Also, it does matter when not to wear a necklace because it might ruin your outfit, or it might not just be appropriate, especially if you’re already wearing a lot of embellishments or you’re wearing a turtleneck that basically conceals the necklace.

Whatever the case may be, I will help you with how to wear statement necklace and aid you in finding the best ones that suit your preferences and specific needs. So without further delays, let’s get right into it…

How to Wear Statement Necklace

I have listed some of the basic seasons and clothing you have to consider whenever choosing the right necklaces that best suit you.

According to the Season

First and foremost, you have to choose your statement necklace wisely. And what I mean by this is that you may want to change jewelry once in a while, especially during the cold seasons or summer seasons. As I said earlier, a typical necklace may not be the best option for those clothing that conceals part of your necklaces, such as turtlenecks, sweaters, or jackets, just to name a few. So what’s the solution? Well, you may want to go for a long neckpiece, particularly a pearl statement necklace or a colorful statement necklace with beads that have multiple palettes.

Another great jewelry piece that you can take as a statement necklace is a choker neckpiece. Well, I say this with strong conviction because they fit well with almost any type of clothing, such as casual or for more formal dresses. They aren’t only aesthetically pleasing during winter but also look fabulous as summer or autumn jewelry.

According to different Seasons

Let me point out that most jewelry is resistant to either cold or warm weather. So there should be nothing to worry about. However, allow me to emphasize once more that if you are particularly looking to stand out using your jewelry piece, then you have to correctly pick the right piece that fits your clothing and the current season. For example, summer is the season we usually wear loose clothing such as a tank top for better comfort and airflow. Therefore, this is the best time we should wear those gorgeous statement necklaces that are formed closer to the neck like a short choker.

Colors or the theme of the jewelry piece also play a huge part in either making your overall fashion sense great or flop. For example, going for a vibrant piece is more appropriate during summer. Some of the best and elegant colors you have to include in your summer collection are turquoise, beige, canary, and emerald, just to name a few. For the wintertime, sparkles and shine are the name of the game (in this case, fashion). So the most recommended themes are those with darker palettes which provide a simpler but luxurious taste.

According to the Style of Clothing

Last but definitely not least is to wear a statement necklace based on your clothing. No matter how elegant or sparkly your jewelry, it won’t give you the fashion sophistication you seek if you are wearing the wrong neckpiece. For instance, the sparkles and glamour of a gold statement necklace are more appropriate in semi-casual to formal attires. On the other hand, you may need jewelry that fits a particular event to better suit the atmosphere. Let’s take, for example, the union between a groom and bride, which requires some sort of a wedding statement necklace. Some examples include a pearl neckpiece or a choker necklace.

As for casual statement necklaces, a necklace with a more vibrant palette would be an excellent piece to complement your summer wear. Some of the best statement necklaces you have to consider include collar necklaces, chain necklaces, torque necklaces, bib necklaces, etc. But you may also opt for those with solid colors such as gold or silver since they are very flexible and would fit any clothing you pair them to.

Statement Necklace Recommendation

Here are additional tips on how to wear statement necklace that will aid you to stand out from the rest of the crowd—

Pick the Your Ideal Length

The length of your neckpiece does matter when it comes to picking the perfect necklace. As I repeatedly emphasized earlier, no matter how stunning your necklace is, the aesthetics of the piece shall be overshadowed by your high-necked clothing. So yes, be mindful of this important factor in events you are mixing and matching outfits.

Blending with Other Ornamental Pieces

They are called statement necklaces for a good reason. The term “statement” was coincided to indicate that this particular piece should be the center of attraction. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, all you have to do is to make sure that the jewelry piece you are pairing it with won’t eclipse your necklace.

Based Your Choice on Your Neckline

It may sound insensitive to some individuals, but what this means is selecting the statement neckline that is based on your shirt—is it a regular shirt, v-neck, turtleneck, strapless, scoop neck, or off-the-shoulder. A shirt that highlights your neck should be paired with gold or silver necklaces that glow. While a neutral palette is more appropriate with casual dresses such as a turtleneck, collars, or halters.

Final Thoughts: Statement Necklaces 2022

I hope my discussion on how to wear statement necklaces has helped you in choosing the best ones that suit your preferences. Although you can freely opt for any piece you wish, it may not be ideal, especially if you are conscious about the clothes you wear. Be sure to follow the guidelines I have relayed in today’s article, and you’ll be just fine as you do so.

FAQ about How to Wear Statement Necklace

What are statement necklaces?

The statement necklaces are beautiful necklaces that will make a huge statement when you wear them. The necklace is large, but it goes well with a simple outfit. Sometimes these pieces can be too flashy for everyday wear - unless you're going somewhere special or want people to notice your bling!

How long should a statement necklace be?

A 16-inch necklace is the best pick. The off-shoulder neckline and statement chokers are perfect for drawing attention to your collarbone area. The standard length of a necklace will pair well with an outfit that has this design element, as it helps draw eyes down from the more prominent shoulder line onto your own personal style statements!