How to Pierce Your Own Ear Safely and painlessly

Many people choose to pierce their ears in order to wear those beautiful earrings, but do you know how to pierce your own ears safely? What do you need to prepare before piercing your ears? How to pierce your own ear with piercing gun or needle at home? This article will answer you one by one.


Preparation of Ear Piercing

Before you decide to pierce your ears, you must first understand some basic knowledge. First, confirm whether your physique is suitable for piercing your ears. People with scars physique tend to leave scars after piercing, so piercing is not recommended. Second, you should choose to pierce your ears in a fully licensed place to prevent some problems. Even if something goes wrong, you will get the necessary legal, medical and financial support.

Then, confirm the location and what tools to use to pierce your ears. The location of the ear hole is different, the degree of pain is also different. The pain of using a piercing gun to pierce and needle piercing is also different. This article will introduce you to how to piercing your own ear with these two tools.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the materials you need. For example, sterile needle or ear piercing gun, alcohol, good quality gold or silver earrings.

Ear Piercing Gun Piercing

Ear piercing gun is a tool used to pierce earlobes. It is shaped like a gun. When the user pulls the trigger, it uses the spring action to push the pointed earrings into the earlobe. The following is an introduction to the steps to pierce your own ears at home with ear piercing gun.

Step 1: If you are determined to pierce your ears at home with a piercing gun, before you start to do this, you need to disinfect the ear piercing gun and the place to be pierced with alcohol.

Step 2: Find the positioning point and try to be at the center of the earlobe position. You can make a mark with a pen.

Step 3: Align the tip of the ear piercing gun with the marked positioning point. At this time, it must be as accurate as possible.

Step 4: Pull the trigger bravely and decisively. Don't hesitate at this time, otherwise the pierced ears may not be the position you want, or cause other irreversible damage.

Step 5: At this point, there are already ear studs in your ear holes. Don't forget to disinfect the tools you have used again.

The operation of the pierced gun is relatively simple, but it is not so convenient if you want to operate it yourself. So you can ask a friend for help. For the ear piercing gun, the direction of other people's force is more ergonomic.

Because the ear piercing gun is called a gun, after all, it is fast and the corresponding pain lasts for a short time. But piercing with a gun is easy to get crooked. Once the piercing is not correct, it will be more painful when changing the ear studs, and many girls who use the gun to pierce the ears said that after the piercing, the front and back of the pierced ears are not in the same line. In a straight line. Not only the author, but many experts also do not recommend using a piercing gun to pierce your ears.

Needle Piercing

Needle piercing relies on artificial force to pierce the ears. Therefore, the strength will not be as strong as that of ear piercing guns, and the impact on the ears is also small. Therefore, the ears will hardly bleed and swell after finishing.

Piercing the ear with a needle is the most traditional way. It is much safer to use a needle to pierce the ear hole, and the pain is less than using a ear piercing gun. In addition, piercing kits with needles are easily available. Although we still recommend finding a professional place to pierce your ears, if the situation is special, you can also consider handling it yourself. For example, if you can't find an artist who is skilled in piercing ears with needles in your local area, you can also buy ear piercing kit for piercing ears at home. The following is an introduction to the steps to pierce your own ears at home with needle.

Step1: Prepare a sterile perforation needle.

Because it is hollow, the earring can be easily inserted into the ear hole by piercing the hole with this needle. Do not share a needle with others, as this may cause infection. Piercing needles are available at cheap prices in many online retailers and specialized piercing shops. Please make sure that the caliber of the piercing needle you use is one size larger than the size of the earrings you are going to wear. For example, a No. 16 barbell-shaped earring is just right with a No. 15 piercing needle.

Step2: Choose your pierced earrings.

Regardless of whether your new ear holes are worn on the earlobe or on the ear bone, barbell studs are the most suitable choice. No. 16, a length of about 10mm is a good size; this length takes into account the doubling of the ear thickness due to swelling. If possible, try to buy earrings made of better-quality metal, such as silver or gold earrings. High-quality metals can effectively reduce the chance of infection or allergies.

Step3: disinfection of needle and own hands.

Before starting the operation, wash your hands with soap and running water, which can effectively reduce the chance of bacteria spreading. After washing your hands, put on sterile latex gloves in time. You should wear sterile latex gloves throughout the process to ensure that the bacteria on your hands will not contaminate the needle. Next, wipe the needle with 75% alcohol.

Step4: Prevent the hair from hitting the place where you plan to pierce.

It is difficult for us to disinfect all hair, so if possible, try to fix the hair away from the ears. And it can also prevent them from getting entangled between the ears and earrings.

Step5: Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean your ears.

This step must be done before piercing to ensure that your ears are completely clean and free of bacteria that may enter the pierced ears. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears. Just be aware that you need to wait until the ears are completely dry before you start piercing.

Step6: Make a mark where you are going to pierced.

It is important to prepare before piercing, the position of the ear piercing is too high or too low will affect the appearance. If you want to pierce both ears at the same time, remember to find the position through the mirror to ensure that the piercing positions of the two ears are basically symmetrical.

Step7: Put the needle through the ear and put on the earring.

Congratulations, the preparation work is over, this is the most important step. You need to have enough courage, don't be afraid. After piercing the ear, put the earring into the hollow tube of the needle and push it all the way into the ear. This will place the earring in the hole.

Above, you have completed the whole process of piercing your ears at home. Here are some follow-up care suggestions, don't ignore them.

Ear Piercing Aftercare

1. After piercing the ear, keep the earlobe dry and clean within 7-10 days. Avoid contact with sewage and dirt when washing your face and hair, avoid squeezing your ears when you sleep, and keep your wound dry and ventilated.

2. Keep rotating earrings every day to avoid adhesion of earrings and skin. If you insist on doing this, can promote wound healing.

3. After piercing the ears, apply the topical area with a concentration of 75% alcohol immediately and maintain a frequency of 2-3 times a day for at least 1 week. Oral vitamin C can also be used to help the wound heal.

4. After passing through the pierced ears, do not remove the earrings for about six weeks; do not touch the pierced ears with dirty hands or frequently rotate the ear acupuncture needles.

5. Last but not least, if there is inflammation and infection after piercing, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Compared with ear piercing with an ear piercing gun and needle piercing, ear piercing with needle is more suitable for home operation and cleaner. But if you want to pierce your ears more safely, it is recommended to choose a formal and qualified institution. If there is any special situation, seek medical attention in time and follow the doctor's advice.