How to Measure Wrist for Bracelet of the Right Size?

It’s inconvenient to return and exchange items bought. With this said, you’ll want to avoid returns and exchanges due to buying a bracelet that doesn’t fit. So, make sure you know your wrist size before buying a bracelet.


How to Measure Your Wrist for a Bracelet (Steps)

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Make sure an easy-to-use measuring tape, a string, or a piece of paper is sufficient to fit your wrist. Learn how to use these tools to know how to measure wrist for bracelet size. Bracelets don’t come in one-size-fits-all for each group of individuals. You’ll know if you need a bracelet for a small wrist if you know your wrist’s size. Below are the specific steps as to how to measure your wrist for a bracelet.

There are means as to how to measure the wrist for the bracelet without measuring tape. You can also use a string and a ruler to measure your wrist size. Measure the portion on top of your wrist’s bone. On one hand, you can do so by rolling the measuring tape or a piece of paper on your wrist. This is just one step towards being an expert in how to measure bracelet size.


1. Having bangles that fit perfectly equips you to measure the diameter of other bangles so you can be aware of your size. You need to use a tape measure or a piece of paper to do the measuring. By knowing how to measure in this regard, the question as to how should a bracelet fit on your wrist is likely going to be answered if you’d like to wear fixed-size bangles.

2. When you have acquired your wrist’s circumference, get its bracelet diameter. Make the overlapping points stick together. Measure of the opposite of the largest of the bracelet’s circle. Just ensure you don’t ruin the round shape, which is the diameter. By following these steps, you get to measure the average bracelet size for a woman. Keep in mind that every woman’s bracelet size is different from that of a man. The average wrist size for a female is different from that of a man, too.

The average wrist size of a female is also available in medium and large.

Average Bracelet Size for Children, Male, and Female

Bracelet Size Chart for Children 

Extra   Small4   ½” circumference Baby
Small5   ¼” circumference2   – 6 years
Medium  5 3/4″ circumference6   – 8 years
Large  6   ¼” circumference8+   years

Bracelet Size Chart for Males

Small   (circumference)Medium (circumference)Large (circumference)Extra Large (circumference)
6” to 6.5” 15.2-16.5 “19.1-20.3”20.3-21.6”

Bracelet Size Chart for Females

Small2 ¼ inches
Medium2 ½ inches
Large2 5/8 inches

How to Choose Different Types of Bracelets

Choose the Size

Ensure that you pick the size of a bracelet that’s 3/4ths of an inch to 1.5 inches bigger than the actual size of your wrist. The bigger the size of a bracelet is, the larger the drape the bracelet is going to have. Keep in mind, though, that the larger the drape, there’s the greater tendency that the bracelet might slide away.

Choose the Style

Choosing the style for your bracelet may depend upon your personal preferences and lifestyle. Another thing that may determine your style choice is the comfort the chosen bracelet brings to you when you have it on. Your gender is also a determinant factor when you choose the style for your bracelet.

Make it Extra Special If It’s a Gift

If you’re giving a bracelet as a gift, make it memorable. One way of making a bracelet gift memorable is by having it suit the taste of the receiver. You may want to ask the receiver about the kind and style of bracelet they would like to receive, before giving your gift.

Request for Recommendations

No other opinions and insights are more valued than those of your loved ones. You can trust that your loved ones would like to see you beautify yourself by wearing the bracelet of your choice, and, thus, want you to know how to measure wrist for a bracelet. Knowing how to measure the wrist size maximizes your chances of becoming independent. You may or may not need a bracelet for a small wrist. You’ll never know unless you measure your wrist’s size. Knowing how to measure your wrist for a bracelet spares sales personnel in a store to measure your wrist for you when you shop for a bracelet.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Measure Wrist for Bracelet:

Where do you measure for wrist size?

Open your palm to make your wrist widen. Put the metal part of the tape in your wrist’s center. Put the tape to your wrist where it fits snugly. Put the tape in parallel to the metal part of the tape, and get the measurement in centimeters.

What is the normal wrist size for a woman?

The normal wrist size for a woman is between 7 to 7.5 inches. Such a measurement covers the wrist bone and the hands’ base. This measurement can fluctuate, depending on each woman whose wrist size is measured.