What Are Sleeper Earrings? Is it Safe for Everyday Use?

Sleeper earrings or starters’ earrings are called as such because they are the advised jewelry item for people who are new to ear piercings. You might have heard them being recommended by someone on the internet or a piercer, but have you ever wondered why they matter, or are they just a fad that many uses for marketing purposes? And what are the sleeper earrings meaning anyway? In today’s topic, I will provide you with the answer you seek and deliver some level of comfort about these sleeper earrings. And at the end of the topic, you should be able to discern what they are and why you need to use them. Also, I will give you a list of some of the best sleeper earrings on the market to help you decide which brand to buy. So without further ado, let’s begin…

  • What are Sleeper Earrings: Explanation and its Features
  • Why do You Need Sleeper Earrings: Advantages of Sleeper Earrings
  • Who Needs Sleeper Earrings
  • Sleeper Earrings Recommendation
  • How to Wear Sleeper Earrings Comfortably

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What are Sleeper Earrings: Explanation and its Features

Sleeper earrings are accessories used by an individual who had their ears pierced for the first time. In fact, it is for this reason that these earrings are also referred to as starter earrings. They are important because it is a specialized earring that is meant to stay in your ear around the clock, which includes during nighttime sleep (thus, the term sleeper earring was used). A person who had just their ear pierced is highly advised to wear them. This is because the ears are prone to infections at this point, and the pierced site might close quickly.

These types of earrings have a smooth surface with a screw and post, which is unlike any other type of earrings. However, you might wonder why they matter, as mentioned earlier. They’re generally made of surgical stainless steel or sterling silver. Such metals are hypoallergenic and don’t trigger allergens or irritations even if they’re worn for extended periods. Once the ear-piercing has fully recovered from the procedure, the individual can now remove the earpiece and replace it with the accessories they desire.

Why do You Need Sleeper Earrings: Advantages of Sleeper Earrings

As emphasized, sleeper earrings are extremely advantageous to newly pierced ears. However, it doesn’t mean that their usage is only good for a limited group of individuals. Anybody who wishes to use sleeper earrings can wear them. Even those who had been doing body modifications for quite some time and the pierced site has already adjusted can use them. And many people prefer them for several beneficial reasons. For one thing, it allows you not to remove or change earrings once so often because they’re safe even if worn during sleep. They’re hygienic as well, so you don’t have to worry about the items being dingy. Lastly, they’re lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

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Who Needs Sleeper Earrings

Sleeper earrings are specially designed for individuals with no experience in ear piercing. They are highly recommended for first-time earring users before they try out other forms of jewelry. During the early stages of the healing process, the newly pierced sites are vulnerable to complications if proper measures were not observed. Therefore, keeping the punctured area closed by not removing the earrings in any way would be beneficial in preventing the development of infections. Also, you don’t need to worry about anything if they stay in your ears for long periods. These items are generally safe and don’t pose any serious health problems. This is because they’re made of hypoallergenic metallic compounds that are very suitable for people with skin conditions.

Sleeper Earrings Recommendation

Another concern that you may have is the perfect earrings, or whether the earpiece you’re considering buying is authentic and safe. And if this is indeed what’s bothering you, then I have a few sleeper earrings amazon that I can confidently recommend to help you put your mind at ease.

Yellow Gold Continuous Endless Hoop Earrings

If you’re looking for quality 14k gold sleeper earrings, then the Yellow Gold Continuous Endless Hoop Earrings is probably the perfect fit for you! And yes, they’re not gold-plated. Therefore, rest assured that the item is hypoallergenic and won’t trigger skin irritations.

365 Sleepers Solid Sterling Silver

The design of the sleeper earrings hoops provides a perfect blend with any outfit you have for the day—may it be formal or casual, it’s all good. Plus, these ear accessories are extra-special because they are handcrafted from Australia. Therefore, you can expect you’re going your money’s worth if you decide to buy these sleeper hoop earrings.

365 Sleeper Titanium Hinged Sleeper Earrings

If what you are after are sleeper earrings for sensitive ears, you might need the extra protection that the 365 Sleeper Titanium Hinged Sleeper Earring can provide. They are an excellent choice for people who have sensitive ears that react upon contact with generally hypoallergenic metals like stainless steel, gold, or sterling silver.

Thunaraz Three-Six Stainless Steel Sleeper Earrings

The Thunaraz brand offers quality sleeper hoop earrings at a very affordable price. Additionally, the metal compounds are safe for daily usage, even for people with sensitive skin. However, the best part is that each package includes three to six pairs in case you lost one or are in need of a replacement.

18G Stainless Steel Five Stone Cubic Zirconia Cartilage Helix Sleeper Earrings

Since you can’t remove or replace earrings during the recovery period, it would be a good idea to be conscious of the jewelry piece you choose. And if you’re not comfortable wearing accessories that have a rather plain design, then you may want to try the Zirconia brad. Their earrings have vibrant designs that may suit whatever mood you have for the day.

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How to Wear Sleeper Earrings Comfortably

As mentioned earlier, you can’t remove the sleeper earring during the healing process because it’s prone to infections. Also, the holes can close up fast if you attempt to do so. And once the holes close, it would take a few weeks before the piercer can perform another procedure on your ears. The good news is that your piercer understands the risks involved, and most of these earrings are generally hypoallergenic and don’t cause skin irritation even if worn for long periods. Also, newly pierced earrings may impose discomfort, especially to side sleepers. Therefore, you may need to sleep on your back for a few weeks or so until the punctured site has recovered.

Lastly, self-piercing isn’t recommended for first-timer earring users because it’s a bit risky and poses complications if it was performed incorrectly. But in any case, there are several good self-piercing sleeper earrings you can try if you want to attempt it on your own. One example of such a product is the Two-Pack Self-Ear Piercing Gun Kit Tool. So yes, that is just about it! I hope today’s topic has provided you the essentials about sleeper earrings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sleeper Earrings

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about sleeper earrings—

What Does Sleeper Earrings Mean?

Sleeper earrings basically imply that they are accessories you can wear even during your nighttime sleep. Other terms used for this type of earrings are starters’ earrings because they’re generally recommended for individuals who had their ear piercing for the first time.

Are Sleepers Better Studs?

Sleeper earrings are the advised jewelry piece by most piercers. However, if you’re considering using studs instead, then you have to consult your piercer for this matter.

What are Good Starter Earrings?

If it’s indeed your first time, then it’s highly recommended that you opt for 18K or 14K yellow gold whenever possible. If you don’t have the budget, then go for platinum or surgical stainless steel with screw-on backs.

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