The Different Types of Earring Backs You Need to Know

A beautiful pair of earrings will always need an earring back. While the first thing we focus on is the design of an earring, it is equally important to secure a reliable earring back. You can call it however you want — hooks, closures, clips, stoppers, or clasps. On this read, you will learn the different types of earring backs. Pick the best one that will keep your earrings in place and, at the same time, provide the best comfort when worn.

Clip On

Earring Back Types

Depending on which earring back suits your preference, we have different types of earring closures and each of them has its own benefit. We will explain each of the earring back types and present a visual guide for your reference. Let us now begin.

Clip-on Earrings

For children who haven’t gotten their ears pierced yet, the clip-on earrings are an advantage. This type of earring is meant for those who have no plans to get their ears pierced. Basically, it latches onto your ears, a literal “clip-on” when worn. They  are popularly worn with costume jewelry. However, they can be heavy and hurt your ears quite a bit the longer it grabs on your earlobe. Because they fall under the category of costume jewelry, most of the pieces are not high quality compared to others.

Friction Back Earrings

Friction back earrings, also popularly referred to as push backs or butterfly backs, are one of the most common types of earring back. It is fondly referred to as a butterfly because of the stopper’s shape. On the other hand, it can also be called a pushed back simply because you will have to push the piece into the clasp to secure it.

They are commonly used in some basic stud earrings. It has a snug fit with them enough to keep the pieces in place. They are easy to find and match well with any type of earring. Furthermore, it is one of the earring backs that don’t poke. The only drawback, however, is sometimes it loosens up thereby no longer securing your ear piece.  Friction backs are one of the most budgeted earring backs in the market that don’t poke. They would be the least option to consider if you are looking for replacement screw backs for diamond stud earrings..

Screw Back Earrings

It is called a screw back because of its similarity to how a screw is inserted. It is done by spinning the post into the closure to lock the piece in. They are also very similar to the friction back but these are more expensive as they are more secure. Additionally, both differ in how they are used. The screwing effect is more in place and secured compared to the push back.

La Pousette Earring Backs

You will find dents on the post of a la pousette earring back. Having dents will keep the earring in place and will prevent it from sliding off. This is one of the best locking earring backs as it adds an extra bit of security to your stud earrings. This type can really be interesting with its specialized notched post. In putting them on, you will need to squeeze both of the ends. That’s about the only caveat of this earring back. You will need to use a little more work in wearing them. Other than that, they are unique locking earring backs. They also make good replacement screw backs for diamond stud earrings.

Silicone Earring Backs

Silicone earring backs, or simply referred to as plastic backs, are inexpensive because of its material. For this reason, they are readily available in the market and it wouldn’t be much of a worry if they were lost. In general, the silicone earring backs are a simple plastic piece provided with a hole in the middle. Their grip is enough to keep your earring in place. Removing them is also very easy. They make quite the sturdiest options and do not cost us that much. On that note, there is nothing special about this type except that they can do the job efficiently. It will be worth it to keep a few for your earrings.

French Wire Earrings

French wire earrings, also popularly known as fish hooks, are a common back type for drop earrings. Basically, it is a curved wire hook that you can slip through your pierced ears. It will securely hang in place with the jewel’s weight in balance. The hook itself already makes the backing, therefore, no other back is needed. Because of this, it might be susceptible to lose anytime soon if the hook loosens up everytime it is worn.

Jumbo Earring Backs

Jumbo earring backs are flat, discs-like forms that flatten the earlobe once you lock it in with your earring. These backs are made transparent and are one of the most comfortable earring backs to wear. For others, they are the best option to wear as they are comfortable, easy to put on, and ensure that the earring is laid down better. With that, they are also considered one of the best locking earring backs that are affordable. If you want a backing that is both comfortable and fits well, this is the earring back for you. However, because they are big earring backs, they may show from behind for those having small ears.

French Clips

French clips earring have different versions that can work well for either those who have pierced or have unpierced ears. They come with a clasp that grips onto the earlobe. They are mostly found in any earring that comes with a gemstone in it. The clasp will help the earring hold better and not lose the gemstone. Some versions have little screws that can attach to the back and place the earring better. In general, this type will have a post attached to the top of the earring and the clasp having a hole. The post and the clasp will hold off and cling to the ear when it is closed.

Kidney Wires

Kidney wires are quite different from the other earring back options as they are also made just for customized earrings. The earring back has a partial loop that will completely lock the earring off and hold it from falling. The reason behind its name is that the shape looks similar to that of a kidney. These earring back types are best for dangling earrings and other fancy jewelry. Consequently, they are not very efficient for studs.


Chrysmela earring backs are believed to be the best earring back type as they have some patented material that keeps them secure. The earring back has three tiny bearings inside that will grip the hold and lock right onto the post easily. In releasing a Chrysmela earring back, you will need to pull back on the endplate. This helps get the lock to release. These earring backs are also designed to be hypo-allergenic. Because it is top quality, you might find this type a bit expensive.


There are many types of earring backs to choose from. Depending on the type of earring and lifestyle you have, considering also some factors like budget and comfortability, there is definitely an earring back fit for you. Now that you have learned the basic and best ones, hopefully, you already have an idea of what is suitable for you and your pair of stud earrings.