Everything You Need to Know on Tungsten Ring Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for information about tungsten ring pros and cons, then today’s topic is specially written just for you! Tungsten is probably among the most sought-after jewelry piece today. Aside from its apparent affordability, it is very resistant to the effects of weathering like corrosion and the natural course of wear and tear. Anyway, if you want to know whether they’re indeed a good investment to have in your collection, I have listed some of the factual information about the metal, misconceptions, and tungsten ring pros and cons. So without further ado, let’s begin…

Couples Tungsten Rings

Facts About Tungsten

Tungsten is a rare metallic compound, and it is among the toughest elements on Earth. In fact, it has a very high tolerance to extreme heat and is almost impossible to melt. To give you a better perspective of its hard qualities, diamond (the hardest element in nature) is rated 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.

On the other hand, tungsten strength has a rating of 9. To enhance its strength, most jewelry crafters combine tungsten with carbon that produces tungsten carbide

However, raw tungsten could spontaneously combust if pulverized into fine powder due to its silver-white metal composition. It is highly reliable and durable that it serves a lot of purposes.

Tungsten is also resistant to corrosion and strong enough to withstand any collisions that would normally result in dentations. Such characteristics make them highly desirable in crafting ornamental jewelry. They’re popularly used as tungsten wedding bands and other rings. Also, accessories referred to as tungsten rings are actually made of 85% tungsten and 15% nickel to add extra protection against scratches.

Misconceptions about Tungsten Rings

There are many myths and misconceptions attached to tungsten and tungsten carbide. In this section, I will lay down some of the common misconceptions about tungsten and then provide factual information on the other end.

Brittle and Easily-Scratched Surface

Jewelry made of tungsten is observed to have a rather brittle surface that hard contact leads to scratches. Besides, to make them stronger, jewelry craftsmen combine nickel or carbon that results in the tungsten carbide. Most tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide, and it is not true that tungsten jewelry is easily scratched or damaged.

Cut Your Fingers to Remove the Ring

Another popular misconception about tungsten carbide jewelry is that they tighten over time, and then you may need to have your fingers cut to remove them. And yes, it is as silly as it sounds. You don’t have to eradicate any of your fingers to put off the rings. As I repeatedly emphasized, tungsten are extremely strong—only one point behind diamond on the hardness scale. Thus, it is almost impossible to resize them without any special devices. But in case that it got stuck in your fingers, I am definitely sure that the hospital has the proper equipment to remove the rings without cutting your fingers.

It Turn Your Finger Blue

This myth is believed to have started from cheap jewelry stores selling subpar qualities of tungsten. With so many misconceptions about tungsten ring problems, a prominent myth that you may have about is that they turn your finger blue or green when it tarnishes? To make things clear yet again, both of these elements are highly resistant to corrosion. Tungsten rings will not turn your finger blue.

Tungsten Ring Pros and Cons

If you’re considering buying tungsten jewelry but unsure whether they’re the perfect fit or not, then read through my listing of tungsten carbide rings pros and cons to help you in your decision-making—


The advantages of tungsten carbide rings are as follows—

  • Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant jewelry piece in the market. Plus, they are fashionable and could perfectly fit any of your outfits
  • The metal is extremely hard that removing should be no problem at all. If it fits the first you put them on, then it should be easy removing them
  • It suits gold or silver plating in tungsten wedding bands
  • The metal is hypoallergenic and a perfect piece even for people with skin conditions
  • Again, due to its level of hardness, the jewelry won’t dent or damage that easily
  • Despite its many good qualities, tungsten carbide rings price is very affordable


Although tungsten is essentially highly advantageous to the wearer, it also has several disadvantages you have to take note of before buying them, such as—

  • Most craftsmen offer a lifetime warranty on their masterpiece. However, they may have to replace the entire piece in case of accidental breakage. If you are a sentimental individual, then you might have to think twice before buying
  • Although the metal is touted due to its hardness, it is also an apparent con because it would be very challenging to resize if you need them to
  • Tungsten is a rare metallic compound, but it is not the same as silver or gold in the sense of trade. And what this means is that pawning or selling them in the market will be a little challenging because they’re not easily valued.

Either way, tungsten rings are still a good investment and perfect heirlooms to the next generations of the family. That’s just about it for today’s topic, and I hope my content for today about the tungsten ring pros and cons helped you in your decision to buy or not.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tungsten Rings

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about tungsten rings

Can I Wear My Tungsten Rings in the Shower?

Yes, you can absolutely wear them during a shower or even underwater. Tungsten is highly tolerant to the effects of weathering, such as corrosion and depreciation.

What’s the Difference between Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide?

When we say tungsten, it refers to pure tungsten. And raw tungsten normally has a rough surface. On the other hand, tungsten carbide is a combination of tungsten and carbon. The infusion of the two elements strengthens tungsten and makes it more resistant to scratches.

Will Tungsten Ring Tarnish?

No. tungsten is able to remain its original composition even after many generations have passed.