Signet Ring: What is it and What is its Significance?

It is without a doubt that even as fashion trends come and go, a signet ring remains a timeless piece both for men and women. With that said, this classic ring has recently been seen in resurgence today. Traditionally, it was particularly a masculine piece and worn by royalties as told in history. However, now in modern times, they have transitioned with prestige intended for both genders. But what are these timeless pieces, really? In this read, we will guide you through understanding what you need to know about the signet ring meaning.

Signet Ring Cover
Signet ring cover

What is a Signet Ring?

A signet ring once symbolizes a seal for approval. It was used as a stamp of your signature before. Before longhand existed, the signet rings were first utilized for aristocrats to seal their signatures on important documents. Which is to say, the face of its ring contains letters or symbols for signature as a stamp. They would press it to paper to imprint their family crest. However, times have changed and now mens signet rings ceased to become this purpose. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt that they are desirable jewelry and are now even popular in fashion as a custom signet ring either in silver or gold.

History of Signet Ring

Before diving into the modern times of men gold signet rings, let us take a quick look back at their fascinating historical past and origin. And how it has become now since the evolution of the signet ring cell.

The earliest records of signet rings are found way back 3500 B.C. During the early civilization, the signet ring was traditionally utilized as a seal thereby being an important tool in business and politics. Signet ring makers designed these rings and engrave abbreviations and unique family crests so that owners can use them to authenticate documents. Once the design is complete, the ring tool is used by pressing the engraved side into the melted wax. With this inception beginning from the royals, a gold signet ring quickly is associated as a symbol of wealth and opulence.

Around the 13th century, these man gold signet rings reached their way to society’s freemen. Although its function remains being able to authenticate important papers. However, they are often destroyed once the owner of the ring dies. Now in modern times, silver and gold signet rings have progressed and evolved. It remains as a classical, aesthetic piece symbolizing class and opulence. They are now often worn as a fashion statement. And since then, they are also already worn by both genders as there are popular signet ring women’s wear today. From what it once was, signet rings today have changed.  With that said, there are also heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Different Shapes of Signet Ring Meaning

Once meant to be symbols of power and status in history, the man gold signet rings today, or even those worn by women, means more of expressing one’s individuality than as a status symbol. They are now a fashion statement, but closely related to opulence when worn! Because they are now popular in fashion, let us discuss further the different shapes of these classic rings.

Basically, you can find these shapes popularly in 5 shapes. Such are the following:

  • Bulbous oval shape ー Best known as the “chucky” shape, these are traditionally styled rings. It is a heavier ring because of the gold signet ring that is bulked up on its shoulder.
  • Octagon shape ー Having eight sides, this shape is one unique ring that flaunts a geometric style. This style is far from the conventional design. It depicts more of a modern shape and style.
  • Oxford signet rings ー This style has a beautifully rounded shape. It also has a square bevel that might be similar to a cushion. The corners give an edge it demands that perfectly fits for its design.
  • Straight oval shape ー Among all other shapes, this one is the most popular. The reason behind is that it looks closely to the original shape.
  • Round signet rings ー This shape seems to be the obvious choice when we think of a classic signet in design. It gives an elegant alternative that is often rather understated. They are very attractive with monogrammed initials.

Signet Ring Recommendation

Now that we have reviewed all the five popular shapes mentioned above, whatever you choose simply gives its own uniqueness and attractive design. Personalize your options that reflect your personal taste! However, we will go out of our way and provide you some of our recommendations to help you decide which to choose.

When you review all the shapes one item at a time, it can be easy to get overwhelmed knowing that all are beautiful and unique in their own way. But here are just some simple top line differences you need to notice. The straight oval is what’s popular, yes. It is simply elegant and very traditional. The bulbous oval shape gives a style that is rather exclusive but is also substantial with its weight. The round shape, for obvious reasons, is the perfect circle if it is what you prefer. And, finally, the cushion or oxford signet rings give the fashionable edge. With all these shapes, the dimensions of your ring can always be tapered that is fit for you.

Signet Ring Material - Which is Better?

Silver Signet Ring

Signet ring silvers are an additional jewelry piece option that jewelry lovers can choose from. It adds to a beautiful range of signet rings especially with women’s design. Some of them add a contemporary twist and are styled both in a traditional look and a modern look. Which makes them a very versatile, wearable ring that can be an essential addition to your ensemble.

Gold Signet Ring

There is no doubt that a gold signet ring gives us that classical look when worn today. It is incredibly attractive both for its hue and durability. There are a variety of options for gold signet rings ー available in 10, 14 and 18 Karat gold, with 18K gold having the highest concentration.

Among these two materials, we are pretty certain each has its own advantages when choosing which is better. We recommend that you consider factors such as durability, wearability, the material and design, and your financial capability of which you would want to purchase. Either way, these signet rings are highly attractive-looking when worn casually today and are also perfect to be given as gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Wear Signet Ring?

We know that when talking about rings, size really matters. Which is why it is also important to know on which finger they should be best placed. Although, traditionally, signet rings are worn on the pinky finger; Nowadays, they are just as beautifully attractive to be seen worn in any of your fingers for as long as the size perfectly fits and is not loose. Hey, there isn't any rule on how to wear a signet ring after all. You can wear them whichever finger you like to have them on.

Can I Custom Signet Ring?

This is a definite yes. Talk to your trusted signet ring maker on how to customise your ring. They are the ones who are professionally trained to replicate whatever design you have in mind.