Concerns about Pregnancy Nipple Rings’ Safety and How to Manage Them

Is pregnancy nipple rings safe? Could you wear them before the expected date of conceiving your child? Or should you remove them? Body modifications like tattoos or piercing procedures are something most people do to express themselves to the public—it commonly displays uniqueness in some way and their drive to stand out from the rest.

However, some may also think that nipple piercing and pregnancy don’t go hand-in-hand due to potential risks that may imperil the well-being of both the mother and infant. If this is your concern, then today’s article is just for you! I have prepared important facts about the matter to help you put your mind at ease. Also, I have listed some of the plastic nipple rings you can use during and after the pregnancy. So without further delays, let’s begin…


When I’m Pregnant, Should I Wear Nipple Rings or Take it off?

During pregnancy, the nipples of the mother tend to be more tender and sensitive to the touch. Therefore, the general guideline here is they can keep wearing the pregnancy nipple rings as long as they do not induce any discomfort or soreness. The American Pregnancy Association mentioned that there should be no health risks or complications if the mother already has the nipple ring before the pregnancy. And given that the piercing has completely recovered from the procedure.

However, it is to be noted that the breast would continue to develop during these periods and may cause the nipples to press against the clothing. As a result, it may lead to some level of annoyance and discomfort. At this point, the mother may consider removing the jewelry piece in the meantime. Or, they may put a monofilament (a tread similarly used in fishing lines) in the pierced nipple to prevent it from closing.

Are Pregnancy Nipple Rings Safe?

Yes, nipple piercing during pregnancy should be safe, as mentioned in the previous section. They generally possess no potential threat if you already have them, and the pierced nipple has fully healed. However, you may have to remove it if you experience soreness and intense pain or if there’s any discharge that emits an unpleasant odor. And when such an instance starts to occur, it’s highly recommended that you consult your local physician to diagnose if there are any complications and in need of medical attention.

The American Pregnancy Association further instructed that a mother must avoid nipple piercing during pregnancy and have to hold off their plans until they’re no longer breastfeeding their infants. Again, there should be no problem if the mothers already have the nipple rings. They may remove the jewelry when nursing the infant and put them back on afterward. However, possible complications might occur if the piercing was conducted during the pregnancy. The soreness and discharge in the nipples during the recovery period may become problematic to both the mother and infant.

Plastic Pregnancy Nipple Rings Recommendation

You need to take note of several points if you’re considering keeping your nipple rings, one of which is the use of plastic nipple rings instead of the traditional stainless steel jewelry piece. In this section, I’ll provide some key points why they’re more advantageous and discuss why they may not be for you as well. I also listed my product recommendation of pregnancy nipple rings that you can use during these periods.

Why Use Plastic to Make Nipple Rings

Plastic nipple rings are safer and comfortable for the pregnant mother compared to metallic accessories. They’re generally made of acrylic, which is mild to all skin types and extremely lightweight. Such material is also highly malleable and bends easily. This means that you no longer have to concern yourself with any pain or discomfort when your breast starts to develop during pregnancy.

Pros and Cons

Below are some of the specific advantages and disadvantages of using plastic nipple accessories.


·They’re malleable and highly comfortable


·It is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t cause skin irritations



·Some plastic nipple rings aren’t durable and look cheap

·You may have to remove and clean them on a daily basis

·You have to be careful in selecting which nipple ring you use because some of them may leak and spread chemicals to your body


And if you’re looking for the best plastic pregnancy nipples rings, then here are five of my top recommendations

Forbidden Body Jewelry Nipple Flexible Acrylic Barbell Set

If you’re looking for a plastic nipple accessory that is minimalistic in design yet high-quality, then the Forbidden Body Jewelry Nipple is the best option in the market. They’re affordable, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to remove and mount.

Notable features of the product are as follows—

·It is also suitable for other forms of piercing such as tongue piercing and retainers for surgeries, MRI’s, etc.

·100% free of metallic compounds

·It is hypoallergenic

·The product is sold in pairs plus one extra barbell

Scerring 20-30 14G Clear Acrylic Bioflex Nipple Bar Barbell Piercing Retainers 

As mentioned, cleaning plastic nipple piercing rings could be challenging. Therefore, having several extras can be a huge help in achieving this purpose. The Scerring 14G offers 20 to 30 pieces of nipple rings that ensure maintaining hygiene during the pregnancy period.  In addition, the product is highly budget-friendly.

Notable features of the product are as follows—

·High-quality Bioflex plastic

·Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

·Each package contains 20 to 30 nipple rings


Lcolyoli 36 pieces 14G Flexible Acrylic Barbell Nipple Ring

The Lcolyoli brand offers nipple rings that are available in multiple colors. In addition, you can choose from 36 different options in case you want variety. Another great thing about the product is that it comes along with a 90-day money-back guarantee if they’re defective.

Notable features of the product are as follows—

·Available in 36 pairs and multiple colors

·90-day money-back guarantee

·Free of metallic compounds

·Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

Ruifan 14G 16mm Flexible Acrylic Nipple Ring

If you want your nipple rings to have a more youthful and funky vibe, then you may try Ruifan 14G Nipple Ring. If you’re up for it, they also offer glow-in-the-dark items. However, its best feature is the accessory’s bioplast characteristic, making them a perfect choice for all skin types.

Notable features of the product are as follows—


·Very soft and comfortable

·Each package includes three pairs of varying colors (white, light blue, and purple)

·It also comes with a free storage pouch

CrazyPiercing Transparent Ball and Barbell

CrazyPiercing offers nipple accessories that have stainless steel rods and plastic acrylic rings. They’re an excellent choice if you want the piercing less obvious but still want to keep the punctured sites open. They’re not as convenient compared to the two previously mentioned accessories, but they provide some level of comfort nonetheless.

Notable features of the product are as follows—

·Hygienic and easy to clean

·It can be used for other piercing as well as the tongue

·Each package contains eight pairs of stainless steel rods and transparent plastic nipple rings

Pregnancy is a special moment for couples, and it demands your full attention and care. However, you don’t necessarily have to compromise some of the things you like, such as body piercings. The abovementioned high-end and hypoallergenic pregnancy nipple rings should help you achieve such a purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Nipple Rings

Is it Still Safe to Breastfeed?

Yes. It is safe to breastfeed as long as the pierced site has already been healed. Just remove the nipple rings when breastfeeding. And then, clean your nipple afterward before you put them back on.

Can You Have Nipple Rings while Pregnant?

Avoid undergoing a nipple ring procedure while you are pregnant. It might become a problem in breastfeeding during the piercing’s recovery periods.

Can You Keep Nipple Rings in while Breastfeeding?

In general, the nipple rings don’t affect milk production or the mother’s ability to nurse her infants. Again, be sure to take them off while breastfeeding.

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