300-Piece Festive Metallic Oval Bead Necklace Set with Rope Chain for Adults and Children - Perfect for Mardi Gras, Christmas, Carnivals and More

Reference rating 4.0
Reference price $45.99
  • Material Plastic
  • Metal type Plastic
  • Chain type Rope
  • Gem type No Gemstone
  • Introducing our pack of 300 exquisite green bead necklaces! Perfect for any event, these vibrant pieces are an ideal length of about 33 inches and a comfortable bead diameter of 7mm, making them great for both adults and children.
  • Crafted from sturdy and lightweight plastic, these eye-catching necklaces promise durability without compromising style. The strategically arranged oval beads carry a sophisticated charm, elevating any attire and enhancing the overall ambiance. These are not merely accessories, but an extension of the festive spirit that make them a must-have for every party.
  • Highly versatile, these necklaces can be the life of a Mardi Gras party, or add a pop of green to Halloween celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals. After the party's over, they're a breeze to store and can be reused for your next exciting gathering. Bright, reusable, and fun, these green bead necklaces are the perfect finishing touch to your festive decor.
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Product Highlights

Enhance your festive look with the 300 Pcs Metallic Bead Necklace, expertly designed to complement any outfit for both adults and children. This bountiful collection offers a fun and sophisticated look with a hint of traditional Mardi Gras spirit.


Material: Made of sturdy and lightweight plastic material, ensuring durability and comfort while worn.

Chain Type: The necklaces feature a sturdy rope style chain that secures the shimmering oval beads.

Design: The oval-shaped, green beads are strategically arranged along the chain, adding distinct detail and character.

Versatile Usage: While these green oval bead necklaces are perfect for Mardi Gras or Halloween, they're ideal for any festive event. Be it birthday celebrations, anniversaries, or festivals, these necklaces bring a fun, festive flare to any occasion.

Ease of Use: The necklaces are reusable and easy to store, providing lasting use from one event to the next. They're lightweight yet durable, enjoying them time and time again is a breeze.

With the 300 Pcs Metallic Bead Necklace, you can elevate any event or party. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a statement of festivity and style.