Adjustable Jovivi Tiger Eye Amethyst Crystal Necklace with Stainless Steel Ball Chain for Men and Women - Healing, Protection, and Positivity

Reference rating 4.4
Reference price $12.99
  • Material Crystal
  • Metal type Stainless Steel
  • Clasp type Ball
  • Chain type Ball
  • Gem type No Gemstone
  • Introducing our versatile Stone Necklace for both men and women, crafted using natural, round stone and durable dark brown nylon rope. With adjustable strings, it allows you to customize your length - transforming quickly from a long charm artifact to a shorter, chic necklace.
  • Each necklace is truly unique, featuring stones blessed by nature with varied colors and textures. The larger round stone bead measures approximately 16mm, with smaller stones at 6mm. It has a convenient adjustable length that ranges from 18-26 inches, ensuring it always rests at the perfect spot.
  • Infuse your everyday look with positivity and a touch energy as our necklace doubles as a healing accessory. Drawn from the depth of the earth, the natural crystal stones elevate the wearer's mood, heal the mind, and ward off negativity. Hold or rub the polished stones during moments of stress for calm and harmony. Each order comes beautifully wrapped in a gift bag and a JOVIVI Velvet Pouch, making this versatile, stylish, and meaningful necklace the perfect gift for someone special or a deserved treat for yourself.
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Product Highlights

Feel the soothing power and graceful style of the JOVIVI Healing Crystals Necklace, composed with natural Tiger Eye Amethyst round stone beads and presented on a sturdy dark brown nylon rope. This necklace is specially designed for both women and men with its versatile adjustable length.


Material: Crafted with genuine stone beads and strengthened with durable stainless steel, presenting a unique blend of naturally-inspired style and resilience.

Adjustable Size: Easily adjust the length of this necklace from 18 inches to 26 inches, giving you full control over your desired style and fit.

Design: Showcases a combination of big (16mm) and small (6mm) round stone beads on a ball chain, resulting in an engaging and tactile piece that seamlessly blends with any ensemble.

Protection and Serenity: Each stone bead possesses healing and protective properties, that foster tranquility, friendship, and positivity.

Ideal Gift: Each JOVIVI necklace comes in a gift bag with a velvet pouch, making it a meaningful gift for loved ones who prefer jewelry with a deeper, spiritual significance.

With the JOVIVI Healing Crystals Necklace around your neck, you'll not only look good, but feel good too, thanks to its protective and serene properties. It's more than a necklace, it's a personal piece of tranquility and style.