Semi-Precious Reiki Healing Bracelet with Amazonite and Bamboo Leaf Agate Round Beads for Energetic Balance - Handmade Bead Chain

Reference rating 4.6
Reference price $15.99
  • Material Stone
  • Metal type No Metal Type
  • Clasp type No clasp type
  • Chain type Bead Chain
  • Gem type Bamboo leaf agate,amazonite
  • Discover the sheer beauty and benefits of our 100% Genuine Stone Bracelets. Handcrafted with natural gemstones, these bracelets possess an exceptional quality and size, suitable for both men and women. The durable elastic string threading guarantees flexibility and longevity. Rest assured, even the most sensitive skin would appreciate these metal-free, quality-crafted jewels.
  • Imbued with remarkable healing abilities, Amazonite, also the "gambler's stone", invokes luck, fortune, and overall success. The Bamboo Leaf Agate, known for promoting inner balance and stability, keeps negative energies at bay. Each bracelet features approximately 21 round beads, each about 8mm in size, and have a total length of roughly 6.69 inches.
  • Bear in mind, as each bead manifests natural variation in color, your bracelet will be unique. Each purchase is beautifully packaged in a high-quality Bivei gift box, making it an ideal gift for loved ones during special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and Thanksgiving.
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