Breathable Silicone Wedding Band - Groove Life Guy Harvey Design for Women and Men - Comfortable No-Metal Type Ring - Perfect Fit Size 4

Reference rating 4.3
Reference price $39.95
  • Ring size 4
  • Material Silicone
  • Metal type No Metal Type
  • Gem type No Gemstone
  • Item type name Band Ring
  • Discover the comfort of our patented design rings, ingeniously engineered to allow air circulation, and moisture release. The rounded interior minimizes skin contact, making it so comfortable; you'll forget you're wearing it. Say goodbye to sweaty fingers!
  • Safety and reliability come hand in hand with our rings. Crafted from lightweight, stretchable silicone, they're designed to protect your finger. Imagine your ring catching onto something - our safety design ensures it stretches preventing any injury. We've even built strategically place breaking points to ensure your finger's safety.
  • Experience our unique polymer elastomer blend that flaunts cool designs. Pre-relaxed and non-loosening, the rings are offered in various sizes. Check out the Product Guides and Documents below for our sizing guide or feel free to reach our customer service for assistance.
  • Our commitment to adventure and innovation reflects in our 'No BS' 94-Year warranty. If your Groove product doesn't meet your standards, we're here to make things right, covering even manufacturing damages. Minimal replacement fees and taxes may apply.
  • Born from the adventurous spirit of Alaska, and fortitude of Tennessee, Groove Life was the brainchild of Adventure Guide, Peter Goodwin. Today, we're proudly employing over 200 people in Tennessee, still delivering unbeatable gear backed by stellar customer service.
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Product Highlights

Explore the simplicity and comfort of the Groove Life Guy Harvey Silicone Ring, skillfully designed to offer an innovative solution for both men and women. This unique ring brings together the practicality of silicone with our patented breathable design, delivering a wear so comfortable you'll forget it's there.


Material: Crafted from a durable, pre-relaxed polymer elastomer blend that will maintain its form even after regular wear.

Ring Size: The ring is a size 4 and measures 8mm wide for original design, and 5.5mm wide for thinner design.

Design: Our ring features a patented design that allows air to flow in and moisture to flow out, reducing skin contact and enhancing wear comfort. It also incorporates safety features, including engineered breaking points that ensure your ring snaps before your finger does.

Versatility: Suited to a myriad of lifestyles, it’s the perfect ring for anyone seeking a safe, comfortable, and stylish alternative to traditional metal bands.

Recommended Fit: If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to choose the next size up for optimum comfort.

Embrace the ease and convenience of the Groove Life Guy Harvey Silicone Ring. It's not just a ring; it's a symbol of adventure and innovation.