Lobster Clasp Choker Necklace with Colorful Seed Beads for Women - Bohemian Style Gift for Girls

Reference rating 4.3
Reference price $12.99
  • Material Seed beads
  • Metal type No Metal Type
  • Clasp type Lobster
  • Chain type Choker
  • Gem type No Gemstone
  • Discover our vibrant set of 16 Boho bead choker necklaces, each adorned in a unique color to comliment your daily outfits or party apparel. This rich collection offers ample quantity for your personal use and still leaves some for sharing with friends, family members, and colleagues. These chic pieces are designed with country-style seed beads and offer not just style and color diversity, but also durable wear and skin safety.
  • Each necklace, thoughtfully designed with high-quality, reliable seed beads, is lightweight and easy to don or remove, primed for your convenience. They are not only easy to carry around but also save space, making them practically effortless to handle. The necklaces are 12 inches in length, with an additional 4 inches adjustable length to cater to varying personal needs and preferences.
  • These necklaces burst with versatility, being apt for varied activities such as beach escapades, festivals, birthday parties, and costume parties, among others. Furthermore, these stylish adornments can be stylishly repurposed as bracelets or anklets, offering you a way to switch up your style. They suit most age groups, from girls to grown women, granting a refreshing splash of color, variety, and elegance to your wardrobe.
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