Copper Clasp Medical Alert Beaded Bracelet with Heart Charm Laser Engraved for Women & Girls

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  • Brand MZC Jewelry
  • Metal type Copper
  • Gem type Copper
  • Elevate your accessory game with our TYPE2 DIABETES Medical Alert ID Heart Charm. Exquisitely crafted from quality copper, it’s the perfect statement piece and a thoughtful way to raise awareness in style.
  • Our charm features a hole size of approximately 4.8-5.0mm, making it seamlessly compatible with fashionable European Pandora bracelets. The beauty in its design will be a breathtaking surprise gift for women and girls of all ages.
  • From birthdays to anniversaries, from Valentine's Day to Christmas, it's an ideal gift to make those occasions extra memorable for your loved ones. Your charm arrives in a distinctive packaging, symbolizing our commitment to quality. If you have any questions, we’re just a contact away - eager to make your experience unforgettable. Brighten up your day or gift this charm to make someone else's special.

Product Highlights

Introducing the Medical Alert ID Heart Charm, specifically designed to make elegant statements while ensuring safety in emergencies. Crafted in copper, this charm resonates with sturdy quality and allure.


Material: The charm is made from genuine copper, promising longevity and a continuous lustrous shine.

Size: The hole size lies within 4.8-5.0mm, allowing compatibility with all European Pandora bracelets.

Design: The laser engraved words - TYPE2 DIABETES, make the charm a stylish yet effective way of conveying crucial medical information.

Versatile Appeal: The charm carries a versatile design that complements any attire. Its subtlety can accentuate the beauty of women and girls alike.

Ideal gift: Its unique appeal and practical use make it a perfect gift for special people in your life, on occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or anniversaries.

Packaged with a single copper charm, the Medical Alert ID Heart Charm is more than a piece of jewelry; it’s an amalgamation of style, safety, and functionality, designed for memorable occasions and daily wear.