Unisex Adjustable Ceramic Bead Chain Bracelet with Lucky Red String Design - Handcrafted High-Quality Ceramic Jewelry Piece for Men and Women

Reference rating 2.7
Reference price $6.99
  • Material Ceramic
  • Clasp type No clasp type
  • Chain type Bead Chain
  • Discover the allure of our Lucky Ceramic Bead Red String Bracelet, beautifully hand-braided and crafted to last. Vibrant in colour and durable in nature, this piece radiates a simple yet fashionable aesthetic.
  • Its one-size-fits-all feature, made possible by an adjustable sailing knot, ensures a perfect fit for any wrist. It adapts to you, accommodating any wrist size with comfort and ease.
  • Ideal for both men and women, this alluring unisex cord bracelet suits those with an active lifestyle or a love for handcrafted items. Allow it to become your charming everyday companion. Embellish your wrist with this unique piece- the perfect fusion of practicality and style.
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Product Highlights

Introducing the Men and Women Lucky Ceramic Bead Red String Bracelet. An effortless yet stylish accessory fitting for both genders. Thanks to its bright red hue and unique braided bead chain design, this bracelet makes a statement of luck and vitality.


Material: Made from quality, durable ceramic that guarantees a luxurious feel and enduring shine.

Design: This bracelet showcases a bead chain design, paired with an adjustable knot for easy modifications, ensures complete comfort and a custom fit for all wrist sizes.

Clasp Type: No clasp type, this bracelet features an adjustable sailing knot for functionality and style. A design that speaks volumes of simplicity and is also trendy.

Versatile Appeal: This unisex cord bracelet's versatile appeal and adjustable design make it perfect for those with an active lifestyle or those who appreciate hand-crafted accessories.

The Men and Women Lucky Ceramic Bead Red String Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of luck, fashion, and individuality. Whether you're gifting it to a loved one or adding it to your collection, this piece is sure to add an unmatched charm to any outfit. Included is one red string bracelet — a unique, attractive addition to anyone's repertoire.