No-Clasp Amethyst Heart Bead Stretch Bracelet, Alloy Strand Design for Unisex, Compassionate Love and Calm Energy Charm

Reference rating 4.4
Reference price $15.99
  • Item display length 18 millimeters
  • Material Metal, Rubber, Stone
  • Metal type Alloy
  • Clasp type No-clasp-type
  • Chain type Strand
  • Gem type #2-amethyst quartz
  • Country of Origin China
  • Presenting our Nupuyai Stretch Bracelet, meticulously crafted with alloy and Amethyst, ensuring its long-lasting quality. You will appreciate the vivid color and durability of our bracelet, which avoids getting damaged or chipped. Boasting a length of 7 inches with each stone expertly carved to a diameter of 0.31 inches, it's a sight to behold and a pleasure to wear daily.
  • Embellishing the bracelet is a gorgeous petite heart charm, perfect for invoking sentiments of kindness, unconditional love, and heart healing. It serves as the perfect gift for dear friends or cherished family members, demonstrating your affection in the most beautiful manner.
  • Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this bracelet holds a magical charm! It's remarkably comfortable to wear, adding a sense of calm to your day and assisting with anxiety. Ideal for yoga meditation, it clears mental clutter and enhances focus. Enjoy the serene energy it adds to your routine!
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Product Highlights

Experience the unique style of the Nupuyai 8MM Stretch Bracelets, perfect for both men and women. Combining durable materials such as alloy, amethyst, and rubber, these fine bracelets deliver a beautiful yet sturdy accessory that won't chip or break easily.


Material: Alloy, amethyst, and rubber offer a unique mix of strength, color, and pliability in jewelry design.

Clasp Type: With no clasp involved, these bracelets provide the comfort of easy wear at all times.

Design: Each bracelet comes with an eye-catching, small heart charm, emblematic of unconditional love and heart protection, ideal for promoting a sense of compassion and care.

Versatile Appeal: The bracelet's amethyst gem not only adds to the visual allure but is also associated with anxiety relief and grounding, ideal for yoga and mediation practices or simply for a daily calm.

Ideal Gift: Show your love with this perfect gift choice that promotes both physical and emotional well-being on birthdays, anniversaries or any special day.

Include the Nupuyai 8MM Stretch Bracelets in your daily routine. It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's your personal charm for love, calm, and focus.