Rope Clasp Rhodonite Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace for Men and Women, Handmade 7 Chakra Stones Tassel Adjustable Love Amulet

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  • Brand Yatming
  • Item display length 0.98 inches
  • Item width 0.98 inches
  • Material Rhodonite
  • Metal type No Metal Type
  • Chain type Rope
  • Gem type Rhodonite crystal stone
  • Discover the allure of our Handcrafted Puff Heart Stone Necklace. Fashioned from heart-shaped stone, chakra bead tassels, and strung on a black wax rope, this striking piece is an essential addition to your jewelry collection. Each polished crystal pendant emanates a unique charm, ensuring no two necklaces are the same. The necklace promises a captivating accessory that resonates with positive energy, making it a perfect piece for both men and women.
  • This adjustable Crystal Necklace measures 10.63"-17.32", offering a customizable fit to suit your style. With a heart-shaped pendant that is approximately 0.98" in dimension, the necklace ensures a comfortable and appealing touch. Dotted with chakra beads, this necklace not only adds appeal but also offers a balanced energy flow, uplifting your spirit and driving away negative emotions.
  • Your purchase comes with a red velvet pouch for that perfect gift presentation. Make a grand gesture of love, encouragement, and hope with the alluring heart pendant. The necklace is an ideal pick for various occasions like weddings, parties or everyday wear. Experience the satisfaction of gifting this exquisite piece to your loved ones and watch as it attracts positivity and well-being into their lives.

Product Highlights

Enjoy the soothing power of the Reiki Healing Crystal Love Heart Pendant, designed to bring balance and positive energy to both men and women. This elegant piece seamlessly blends a hand-polished heart-shaped Rhodonite crystal pendant with a tassel of 7 Chakra stones and a black wax rope.


Material: Comprised of a heart-shaped Rhodonite crystal and Chakra stones, strung together by a sturdy black wax rope for a comfortable wearing experience.

Size: The total adjustable length of this necklace ranges from 10.63" to 17.32", with the pendant itself approximately 0.98"x0.98".

Design: A heart-shaped Rhodonite crystal pendant coupled with a tassel of Chakra stones, offering a perfect blend of beauty and spiritual symbolism.

Holistic Influence: The 7 Chakra beads help to balance the body's energy centers, promoting positivity and courage, while the Rhodonite crystal enhances feelings of love and compassion.

Ideal Gift: Packed with a red velvet pouch and ready for gifting, this piece works perfectly for special occasions. Send your loved ones a symbol of love that will charm the good energies towards them.

Enhance your aura and invite energy balance to your life with the Reiki Healing Crystal Love Heart Pendant. It's more than just jewelry; embody love and positivity with every wear.