Simplistic Elegance Slip Knot Beaded Cross Necklace with Rope Chain - Handcrafted Wood Cross Design for Unisex Fashion Statement

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  • Brand BlueRica
  • Material Wood
  • Metal type No Metal Type
  • Clasp type Slip Knot
  • Chain type Rope
  • Discover an accessory that effortlessly blends style, comfort, and customization. Our adjustable necklace, ranging from 16 to 32 inches, puts you in control of your style. Slip the necklace over your head and slide the knots until you find your perfect fit; create a look that's uniquely you.
  • Crafted from soft yet sturdy black waxed cotton cord, this necklace is as comfortable as it is durable. It's accentuated with 5mm coconut beads and wood tubes, adding an earthy touch to your ensemble. At its center, a hand-carved wood cross pendant (0.9 x 1.25 inches) shines, its shades varying, bringing uniqueness to your wardrobe.
  • Rest assured, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Try our remarkable accessory today and if you have any feedback to transform your experience better, we're all ears. Your delight is our success story.
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Adjustable Length
Aesthetic Appeal
Versatile Gift
Cord Durability
Inconsistent Quality
Necklace Twisting
Material Issues
Size Discrepancies

Product Highlights

Experience the simplistic charm of the BlueRica Hand Carved Wood Cross Necklace, impressively designed to cater to both style and personal symbolism. This unique piece melds the rustic appeal of wood with the adaptable functionality of an adjustable cord, promising a piece that not only speaks to your spirituality but your fashion sense as well.


Material: High-quality black waxed cotton cord offers a comfortable wearing experience with a durable design for longevity.

Length: Customizable length from approximately 16 Inches to 32 Inches via an adjustable sliding knot to conform to your style needs.

Design: Features a hand carved wood cross pendant measuring 0.9 Inches x 1.25 Inches (Shades Vary), imparting a distinct and beautiful appeal.

Accent Beads: Fortified with 5mm Coconut Beads and Wood Tubes to add depth and visual interest to its overall presentation.

Clasp Type: Engineered with a Slip Knot closure, ensuring ease of wear and versatility of adjustments.

A perfect embodiment of simplicity and symbolism, the BlueRica Wood Cross Necklace allows you to express your spiritual leanings through a stylish and customizable accessory. It's not just a necklace; it's a statement of personal belief and fashion prowess.