Sterling Silver Oval Moissanite Engagement and V-shaped Wedding Band Set for Women, Size 4, Vintage Vine Design

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  • Brand YDD
  • Ring size 4
  • Material Base
  • Metal type Sterling Silver
  • Gem type Moissanite
  • Immerse your loved one in pure elegance with our exquisite bridal set that's handcrafted from premium 925 sterling silver. This boasts of a magnificent 1.5-carat Moissan diamond, lending it a high-polished finish that's not only attractive but gentle on sensitive skin. The blend of the delicate materials embodied in this ring ensures great quality and comfortable wear.
  • Drawing inspiration from classic oval vine vintage designs, our oval engagement ring encapsulates timeless elegance. The ring evokes a profound promise of enduring love, making it an ideal symbol for your ever-lasting commitment to that special someone.
  • Enhanced by a radiant 1.5-carat Moissan diamond, the ring's high polish and brilliant hues reflect beautifully, adding a unique, eye-catching appeal. It's perfect for every occasion, whether it's a promise, engagement, wedding, or anniversary day, making it an ideal gift for your girlfriend, wife, mom, or even yourself.
  • Your satisfaction is our top concern. We assure 100% quality and welcome any queries you might have. Feel free to reach out to us. We promise a speedy, helpful response within 24 hours.

Product Highlights

Introducing the YDD 925 Sterling Silver 1.5ct Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings Set. This statement piece boasts classic styling with a unique twist, perfect for the woman who cherishes timeless elegance combined with unique flair.


Material: Crafted from superior 925 sterling silver. Not only ensures unparalleled beauty and shine but also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Gem type: The centerpiece is a 1.5 carat Moissanite diamond. Characterized by transparency and brilliance, the radiance and colors it reflects capture the eyes and hearts, making this ring an exceptional piece of jewelry.

Design: Inspired by vintage oval vine-patterns, lending elegance and sophistication. It's a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, designed to be treasured for decades.

Fit: Available in Ring size 4, designed to provide a comfortable fit, catering to various finger sizes.

Usage: Perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. It can be also a special gift for yourself or for that special someone in your life.

Experience the tradition of commitment imbued with a touch of novel design with the YDD Sterling Silver Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring Set. It isn't merely a set of rings, it's a symbol of an eternal promise.