Unisex Bloodstone Ball Chain Necklace with Lobster Clasp - Natural Gemstone Beaded Choker Design for Men and Women

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  • Brand HI International
  • Material Gemstone
  • Metal type No
  • Clasp type Lobster
  • Chain type Ball
  • Gem type Bloodstone
  • Item type name Choker Necklaces
  • Discover a world of intricate craftsmanship at HI International, where each product is lovingly handmade and adorned with beautiful, natural beads.
  • Among our range, you would find the storied bloodstone, a symbol of courage, purification, and noble sacrifice. Revered for its incredible healing properties, this marvelous gem is known to dispel negativity, purify surroundings, and offers protection - all at once. An ancient stone with a rich history, the bloodstone is more than just a decorative piece; it's a charming emblem of positivity and resilience.
  • Maintaining the lustre and brilliance of your jewelry doesn't require much effort. Simply steer clear of water, perfumes and harsh chemicals. As our pieces are formed from natural elements like gemstones and cotton thread, moisture can harm their longevity. Akin to storing precious memories, tuck away your jewelry in a safe, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and heat exposure. Let your jewelry shine, reflecting your dazzling persona. Delight in the exquisite allure and enduring charm of handmade treasures from HI International.

Product Highlights

Experience the power and versatility of the Natural Bloodstone Beaded Choker Necklace. Crafted to cater to both men and women, this striking piece is an embodiment of courage, purification, and sacrifice.


Material: Made from nature's unique gemstone - bloodstone. This necklace promises durability and authenticity, offering a natural, unprocessed charm.

Clasp type: Equipped with a reliable lobster clasp, this piece ensures a secure fit and ease of wear for all-day comfortability.

Design: Featuring a ball chain type coupled with unisex design, it showcases the raw beauty of bloodstone gems, giving an organic appeal to any outfit.

Resilient: Although it's recommended to avoid contact with liquids, heat, and over-exposure to the sun, this necklace with proper storage can withstand daily wear and tear, retaining its physical beauty and function.

Ideal Gift: Aligned with the healing properties of the bloodstone, this choker necklace makes an excellent present for those who appreciates unique, natural accessories and the energy they provide.

Adorn your neck with the Natural Bloodstone Beaded Choker Necklace. It's not just a jewelry; it's a testament of your admiration for nature's raw beauty and uncanny power.