USA-Made Stainless Steel Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet with Message Charm for Women, Box and Bead Chain, Silver-Plated, Versatile & Trendy Design, Perfect Gift

Reference rating 4.5
Reference price $9.99
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Metal type Silver-plated-base
  • Clasp type Expandable Bracelet
  • Chain type Box Chain, Bead Chain
  • Gem type No gemstone
  • Presenting our hand-assembled, stainless steel bracelet from Hidden Hollow. Exceptionally designed so that it won't fade or change colors over time, this desirable piece of jewelry can be adjusted to comfortably fit any wrist size. This reliable and robust bracelet refuses to bend under normal wear, offering you long-lasting joy.
  • This versatile bracelet is the ideal gift for the phenomenal women in your life. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, or a heartfelt token for a dear friend, this piece adds a sparkle to every occasion. Each bracelet arrives beautifully packaged in a specialty gift bag, ready for giving!
  • Look closer, and you'll notice our trademark engraved on the back of the exquisite Lotus flower bead. This silver bangle, coupled with charming silver charms, is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a handcrafted treasure made exclusively in the USA by Hidden Hollow.
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Product Highlights

Experience the grace of Hidden Hollow Beads Women's Stainless Steel Message Charm Bracelet. Skillfully assembled in the USA, this bracelet captures the perfect blend of style and durability.


Material: Made from robust Stainless Steel, it promises to maintain its charm without fading or altering color.

Clasp type: The Expandable Bracelet ensures a comfortable and secure fit for every wrist size.

Chain type: The blend of Box Chain and Bead Chain gives this bracelet a unique texture and style.

Design: The bracelet is silver-plated, with all charms in matching silver, amplifying its sleek and trendy look.

Versatile Appeal: This versatile bracelet can be the perfect accessory to your everyday attire or your party ensemble.

Ideal Gift: Packaged in an elegant gift bag, it serves as an ideal present for any occasion – be it an Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or simply a token of love for your dear friend.

With Hidden Hollow Beads Women's Stainless Steel Message Charm Bracelet, you won't just be wearing a piece of jewelry; you'll be adorning a testament of simplicity and elegance. Note that its hallmark – the Lotus flower bead – confirms it’s an original Hidden Hollow Beads product, handcrafted in the USA.