Vintage Female Power Crystal Agate Ring Set from COLORFUL BLING - Triple Moon Goddess Wicca Pagan Design in Copper for Women and Girls

Reference rating 3.6
Reference price $5.66
  • Ring size 5
  • Material Metal
  • Metal type Copper
  • Gem type Agate
  • Introducing our Triple Moon Goddess Ring, a symbol of female power harnessed from the mystic depths of Wiccan and Pagan ideals. Imbued with symbolism, this ring encapsulates all the dynamism and potential of modern women, making it a captivating conversation piece for the trailblazers this era.
  • Crafted meticulously from high-quality alloy that resists fading and cracking, these earrings promise enduring allure. Our artisans infuse love and precision into the polishing and plating process to ensure a stable, shiny finish that is as comfortable to wear as it is appealing to the eye.
  • The artful trio of the new moon, full moon, and waning moon mirrors the primal stages in a woman's lifecycle. Perfect for everyday wear, special occasions, holidays, or as a statement piece for that upcoming beach party; this ring is as versatile as it is charming. Dreamy gift for loved ones? Absolutely! Surprise your girlfriends, wives, mothers, or friends on Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, or anniversaries with this enchanting symbol of empowered femininity. The Triple Moon Goddess Ring – a timeless way to celebrate womanhood.
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Product Highlights

Introducing the striking COLORFUL BLING Wicca Pagan Triple Moon Godness Band Ring Set, a symbol of female power and the lifecycle of women. Indulge in the mystic allure of agate gemstones cradled in a durable copper band tinged with a unique vintage charm.


Material: The ring features high-quality copper, exuding long-lasting shine and stability, complemented by the depth and intrigue of agate gemstones.

Ring Size: This versatile ring set comes in a size 5, perfect for adding a dramatic touch to your various outfits.

Design: This ring set is imbued with Wiccan symbolism; featuring the phases of the moon - new, full, and waning. Each moon stage represents womanhood, motherhood, and wisdom respectively, making it more than just jewelry.

Versatile Use: This piece serves as a charming addition for everyday wear, special occasions, events, beach, or holiday activities. Its captivating design makes it an ideal option for spicing up your overall look.

Great Gift: This charming Triple Moon Goddess ring makes a touching gift for girlfriends, wives, mothers, couples or friends for Christmas, Valentine's Day, graduation, birthdays, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and anniversaries.

Make a bold statement or elevate your everyday style with the COLORFUL BLING Wicca Pagan Triple Moon Godness Band Ring Set. A confident symbol of feminine power and strength, it is truly a unique way to express your individuality.

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