Vintage-Inspired Aztec African Indian Gold-Plated Bangle Set for Women with Box Chain Enclosed Clasp, Set of 19, 2.68" Dia

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  • Brand Ensoul
  • Item display length 3 inches
  • Material Metal
  • Metal type Gold-plated-base
  • Clasp type Enclose type
  • Chain type Box Chain
  • Country of Origin China
  • Step into the world of elegance with our sublime collection of metal bangle sets. Leverage our deep expertise of over a decade in the field, and discover the intricate designs that suit your style. Our store boasts an exquisite range of designs, curated to amplify the magnificence of your wrists and arms and make a personalized statement in your life.
  • Our bangles, crafted with excellence, are plated jewelry. They will maintain their stunning gleam for years if cared for properly. Remember to slip them off before bathing, swimming, or applying lotions.
  • All our bangles are carefully fashioned to a standard inner diameter of 2.68". To be sure it will offer a comfortable fit, we provide two ways to measure your bangle size. You could measure the inner diameter of a well-fitting bangle you already own or measure your hand's circumference. If your hand measurement falls within our suggested size range of 7.5"-8.7", then rest assured, our bangles are a perfect fit for you. However, if your circumference significantly deviates from the given range, we wouldn't recommend our bangles. But worry not, there’s a myriad of other captivating designs to explore. Enjoy your shopping experience!
Customer Insights
Great Quality
Stunning Appearance
Versatile and Attractive
Excellent Presentation
Versatile Fashion Piece
Sizing Issues
Prone to Breakage
Poor Welding
Inaccurate Color Description
Quick Tarnishing

Product Highlights

Experience the allure of our Mixed Metal Aztec African Indian Vintage Bangle&Bracelets Set. Designed to evoke a sense of style and personality, this 19-piece set is just what you need to adorn your wrist.


Material: Crafted in gold-plated-base metal, these bangles offer a luxurious look and durable quality.

Clasp Type: The enclosed type clasp ensures a secure and comfortable fit, perfect for all-day wear.

Design: The unique flower Aztec and African Indian vintage designs add a touch of exoticism and culture to any outfit, showcasing your individuality.

Versatile Appeal: With a chain type of box chain and multiple bracelets included, you have the freedom to mix and match, personalizing your look to suit any occasion.

Perfect Fit: Our bangles are designed to have an inner diameter of 2.68". To ensure a perfect fit for you, simply measure the inner diameter of a bangle you currently have, or measure your hand's circumference at its widest point. Our suggested circumference size range is between 7.5"-8.7" for a great fit.

Add a touch of worldly charm to your wardrobe with our Mixed Metal Aztec African Indian Vintage Bangle&Bracelets Set, they are more than just accessories; they're a statement of personality and style.