What are Some of These Bracelet Meanings?

Did you know that other than a fashion, bracelets are linked to several meanings and are a form of expression? Basically, this piece of jewelry is worn on the arm as an accessory. It can be either a hoop or a chain. From that, it differs in several designs and most are bracelets with meaning. Read more to know the deeper meaning of some of these bracelet symbolism.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are very popular among the closest of friends. For obvious reasons, these are bracelets with meaning behind it and they are often given to someone special to the giver. It symbolizes a close connection between the giver and the one who is receiving it. And often, the relationship is even more magnified with such a bracelet meaning. When one receives a friendship bracelet, it means that the special bond between you and the person giving it to you is everlasting. It is, indeed, a wonderful gift to receive from a very close friend. These are the people who mean the world to us other than our family and someone special.

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are very symbolic. There can be karma bracelet meanings or bracelets that can acquire good luck. Some also have the spiritual meaning of bracelets. They often come in beads of different colors and vary in different designs. People who wear these bracelets value their meanings but then there are also those who wear them just for personal color preference. The bracelet definition is usually associated from the color or the type of bead itself. For instance, in color, red blue symbolizes peace or calm in life.

Charm Bracelets

Women are very fond of charm bracelets, especially teenage girls.But far more than a fashion statement, it is a bracelet with meaning. One can personalize it according to its preferences. As it is exactly named, it is a bracelet where you can add meaningful charms. You can very much customize it according to what you are wearing and have it look coordinated. Such charms can literally be anything with a symbol. You can also have a bracelet meaning love with charms closely associated to it like heart, roses, and love letters, among others. Truly, it is a personalized jewelry that can be very meaningful to a certain person and could also represent values such as hope, loyalty, life and serenity, among others.

String Bracelets

String bracelets are very unique. It is usually an accessory personally made by using two or more strings. When they are worn, such bracelets with meaning indicate that they are worn with their wishes being made. As you receive a string bracelet, you can make a wish as you tie its knot on your wrist. It has been said that your wish can be granted once the bracelet has been worn until it begins to fall off. There are instances when the bracelet meaning can also be added with charms to enhance its design and beauty.

Gemstone Bracelets

Oftentimes, gemstones are added to bracelets to make it more aesthetically pleasing with brilliance. But more than that, these gemstones can also be an added symbolism to it. Gemstones in bracelets could purposely mean a certain personality or character. It could also signify a birth month as gemstones have certain meaning in their designated birth month. Such symbolism and definities are largely credited to ancient beliefs. However, they are still greatly influential today. One among the many reasons is that wearing your own birthstone can also bring in good luck and fortune in your life.

Scripture Bracelets

Scripture bracelets symbolizes bracelets meaning in the bible. The designs of this piece of jewelry are personalized to include a specific biblical verse close to the heart of the owner. Other than the size and the design, it is the scriptural text which brings in the dominance of a bracelet meaning. Which is why these bracelets are also popular among men and women who wish to give personalized gifts.


Silver bracelets are very general to consider. As a type of jewelry, it can even be more personalized when they are made into bracelets with meaning and specific symbolization. This piece of jewelry is made more sentimental together with its beauty and affordability. Throughout history, bracelet meanings have already existed because many are inclined to one’s belief and having one simply signifies a tangible proof of one’s faith or meaning. Finally, wearing one gives us a sense of meaning as well, far more  than just a fashion staple to our everyday wear.