15 Types of Rings You Can Wear Today

Rings are one of the most loved jewelry pieces.  Especially engagement rings ーthese rings are not only loved but are also treasured by most. On that note, many would not know that there are many more other types of rings. These ring types have different styles on their own available for both genders. In this read, we will explore 15 of the most popular types of rings and meanings. Read to know more.


1. Birthstone Ring

Birthstone rings hold a stone or multiple stones that designates the wearer’s birth month. As you may know, there are designated stones for each month. These ring types are personalized pieces used as a reminder that one is blessed to be born in that certain month. The following are the corresponding stones for each birth month.

● January ー Garnet

● February ー Amethyst

● March ー Aquamarine

● April ー Diamond

● May ー Emerald

● June ー Pearl

● July ー Ruby

● August ー Peridot

● September ー Sapphire

● October ー Opal

● November ー Citrine

● December ー Blue Topaz

2. Vintage Ring

Closely familiar with antique rings? Vintage rings are just as sentimental and unique as these antique rings. Its ring settings are usually old-fashioned looking with a classic design. That said, these rings are only considered vintage once they have reached 30 years or more. One of the popular vintage rings today is the Jacqueline Kennedy inspired jewelry which were made during the 19th century.

3. Estate Ring

By definition, estate rings are any ring that has been used before. These are types of rings for women and men. Even if the ring has only been owned previously by someone for months, such a ring is still classified under an estate ring. With that said, estate rings, in the long run, become vintage or antique. Jewellers usually stop tagging them as estate rings once it is of 30 years old or more in existence.

4. Eternity Ring Bands

Eternity ring bands have diamonds wrapped on them full circle. These rings are one of those types of rings and meanings that are symbolic to most wearers because it represents eternal love. In this ring, round diamonds are often featured with specific ring cuts and stones. Because it is a sentimental ring, it is often gifted to a special someone on occasions, usually during anniversaries.

5. Stack Ring

Stack rings are very trendy today. They are a great way to express one’s personal style and it is a very fashionable accessory to add to one’s ensemble. The ring settings of a stacking ring have many styles. But, basically, these are thin rings which is an advantage if you want to add two or more rings on one finger. Using just one stack ring is also fashionable on its own that gives a subtle design. There are designs of these that are fit for types of rings for men.

6. Spinner Ring

Spinner rings are ring types that have two bands. These are types of rings for men. But then there are also designs perfect for women. One band is locked in place while worn. On the other hand, the second band layers on top of the in-placed band. This allows the second band to spin. There are claims that while this ring setting is fashionable, it could also assist in managing anxiety symptoms.

7. Signet Ring

The signet ring is another popular type among the different types of rings. Just like vintage rings, these ring types have history to tell. This ring existed way back when education was still at its development. The use of this ring was a means of a signature then. Eventually, it morphed into a symbol of status in life. The ones who wore it today were associated with wealth and power. On that note, wearing a signet ring has its style and uniqueness.

8. Semi-Mount Ring

Semi-mount rings are these ring types that leave a place for the feature stone for you to choose. It has the perfect design and is accented with stones. This is a great choice of a ring to have if you haven’t decided yet what feature stone you wish to have and can purchase it separately later on.

9. Promise Ring

Promise rings are amongst one of the popular ring types because of their sentimentality and meaning. It symbolizes commitment and that meaning alone makes it an important jewelry to be worn. This ring type is closely similar to an engagement ring. However, they mean differently as a promise ring simply signifies one’s promise to remain loyal, faithful and loving during the relationship.

10. Puzzle Ring

Nothing quite like a piece of jewelry that also functions double as a brainteaser. Puzzle rings are these ring types assembled with interlocking bands. These interlocking bands can be easily reassembled. Moreover, puzzle rings can also have 2 or more bands. Typically, you will mostly find six.

11. Mood Ring

Mood rings are exactly as they are named. They are these nifty pieces of jewelry that will showcase your mood. Yes, mood. Its ring setting has a liquid crystal that changes color depending on the temperature it gets from your finger. That in itself makes it a very unique type of ring. These types are available either as a simple band or a ring cut with a stone in it.

12. Mother’s Ring

Mother’s rings are closely similar to birthstone rings. They are typically worn by mothers and grandmothers. They are a meaningful type because they are worn to represent either living or deceased children in their designated birthstone. And we know how mothers are when it comes to their children. Usually, the names of their children are also engraved beside these birthstones.

13. Nugget Ring

Nugget rings are types of rings for men. It is usually made up of a gold band having a coarse and uneven texture on the top side. Such texture is made to look similar to gold nuggets. These ring types are simple, and yet, they look elegantly worn by men. Other designs have gems to display. Nugget rings are a good option if you are looking for an engagement ring for men.

14. Gimmel Ring

These ring types are typically composed of 2 to 3 links. These links are hooked together, forming a solid circle. Gimmel rings were famous and fashionable way back in the Elizabethian period of England. It was known as joint rings back then and were usually used as betrothal rings. The wearer would use one link on its finger until the wedding day when it will be joined together with its other link.

15. Wedding Ring Bands

Wedding ring bands are popular for their simplicity yet significant symbolism. These ring types were traditionally worn by the women paired with the women’s engagement ring. Its ring setting is a simple, solid metal look. That said, women today are also wearing wedding ring bands. Now in modern times, these ring types have also considerably evolved with more intricate and delicate designs.

Final Thoughts

There are even more ring types today that are slowly taking their limelight. On that note, the 15 ring types mentioned above will undoubtedly still be around in the long run. Now that you are acquainted with some of the popular ring types, it is time to purchase your favorite!