Know the Different Metals That Don’t Tarnish

In the fashion industry today, we just feel that an outfit is not polished enough without a jewelry piece on. That is why many seek the best yet affordable jewelry pieces to wear. When looking out for the best jewelry piece to buy, the metals that don’t tarnish are the most enviable ones. However, malls or jewelry sellers don't really advertise their pieces as something that easily tarnishes. For this reason, it is difficult to have informed purchases. But worry not. Today, let us explore all these jewelry metals that don’t tarnish and the best metal for jewelry making.


Below is a short list of the best metal for jewelry widely used in the fashion industry as they seldom tarnish:

Jewelry Metals That Don’t Tarnish

1. Platinum

One of the best metals for jewelry making is platinum. It is, after all, one of the precious slivery-white metals earth has to offer. Platinum is also popular in engagement rings and wedding bands, among other jewelry pieces. Although more and more people are understanding its features and benefits now, platinum started its popularity way back in the early 20th century.

Moreover, platinum is one of the best jewelry that doesn't tarnish in water or when exposed in the air. Its sheen lasts longer compared to other metals and it doesn’t easily oxidize and or fade. Safe to say, it is also one of the best jewelry material for everyday wear. See an example above of a platinum engagement ring.

2. Titanium

Just like platinum, the titanium metal is also enjoying its limelight today in the fashion and jewelry world and for good reason. Titanium is considered as the world’s hardest metal while being the most lightweight to be used in jewelry making. It is highly regarded because of its durability and therefore one of the best metals to use in making wedding jewelry. It also boasts of its silver white hue. The only disadvantage of this metal is that it is prone to scratches but that is pretty much it. See above example of an attractive titanium-made earrings.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is probably one of the most affordable non tarnish jewelry. It is not only being utilized as a jewelry piece, it is also commonly used to manufacture appliances and kitchenware, among others. All this time, stainless steel proves to be a popular and smart choice in the category of watches.

Although stainless steel is not a pure metal, it is composed of an actual steel metal alloy that is at least 10% chromium. Furthermore, it gives that silvery-white hue and can create a reflection-like finish because of its sheen. Indeed, it is one of the cheap metals that don’t tarnish that everybody seems to love.

4. Cobalt

Being considered one of the best non-tarnish jewelry, cobalt is a type of metal that is fondly utilized in the jewelry industry. It is metal that is bonded with copper or nickel. One of its edges is that the metal is suitable for men’s jewelry fashion, especially men’s rings. Other than being tarnish free, it is also considered highly durable. Cobalt looks closely similar to tha to of white gold.

5. Ceramic (Ceramic Carbide)

Ceramic is a lightweight and very versatile material to be used in the world of jewelry. This non-tarnish jewelry is also heat-resistant and available in different colors. The metal is made from hi-tech aerospace materials. It is worth a penny to be bought because of its durability and resistance to scratch. Moreover, it is one of the cheap metals that don’t tarnish thus being affordable to have.

6. Palladium

One of the best jewelry that doesn't tarnish in water is palladium. It features a bright white color and exudes in strength and purity. Aside from ceramic, it is also one of the cheap metals that don’t tarnish which makes for an excellent jewelry piece. The metal’s composition is made up of 95% palladium and the rest of 5% ruthernium. It does not require plating in jewelry making and over time, it develops a beautiful patina.

Jewelry Metals That Tarnish

Just as we have explored some of the metals that don’t tarnish, we will also divulge in some of those metals that do. What are these metals then? Let us find out.

● Gold Plating or Gold Filled over Base Metal ーThere are a lot of these metals sold in the market today and their designs are very beautiful. However, these metals may tarnish over time depending on the metal.

● Brass ー Brass is an alloy and will tarnish. It is partly made of copper and we know copper to be a reactive metal. It commonly oxidizes with skin, causing discoloration and gives a greenish color.

● Sterling Silver ー This type of metal will tarnish. It is an alloy with a typical composition of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals usually around copper again being the culprit.

● Gold Vermeil ー Gold vermeil is closely similar to that of gold plating jewelry. Similarly, gold vermeil might also be prone to tarnishing. It actually depends on the composition of its base metals.