All Details You May Want to Know about Lokai Bracelet

Lokai bracelet is very popular in the jewelry market. And it has written a particular story and drawn huge attention from people to live Lokai, which means to find a balance through ups and downs in life. However, it may involve many things to get a real meaningful Lokai bracelet that suits you from the complex market. For instance, you need to know what different colored Lokai bracelet stands for, how to identify a real Lokai bracelet from fake ones, what size is proper and so on. But don’t worry. Here we’ll learn all about Lokai bracelets.

Lokai bracelet

What is Lokai bracelet?

Lokai bracelet is a brand from the USA but made in China. It’s made of 100% silicone and features its brand-specific white and black beads - a white bead at one end and a black bead at just the opposite end. Some other beads of varying colors are used to connect these two.

The two distinct beads in Lokai bracelets are believed to hold some extreme elements on earth - the water from Mt. Everest in the white bead and the mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead. It is said that Lokai uses these elements from both the highest and lowest points on earth to represent our peak and bottom times in life and remind us to stay humble during life’s highs and hopeful during the lows.

Story Behind

Like anything else that has a purpose to be born, Lokai bracelet also has a special story to tell why it’s created. Understanding it may make you appreciate and love this brand more.

It’s said that the founder and CEO of Lokai Steven Izen came up with the Lokai bracelet idea at a very crucial time when he felt joyful, happy and grateful on one hand, and sad and hopeless on the other hand. Therefore, he wanted to make a physical object easy to wear and take away to preserve this contrasting feeling and remind him to keep a balanced life no matter what stage he is in life. Then the Lokai bracelet was born. He adopted the special water and mud to represent his sentiments for ups and lows in life, and those beads in between to symbolize a balanced life journey. This enchanting story contributes a lot to Lokai bracelet’s success.

Lokai Bracelet Size Chart

Lokai bracelet sizing varies to suit different people. We may refer to the general size chart below when buying a Lokai bracelet.

Lokai Bracelet Size Chart:

SizeCircumferenceSize Description
XS5.5”Fits children
S6”Fits adolescents and women with thin wrists
M6.5”Fits teenage boys and most women
L7”Usually fits most men
XL7.5”Fits larger wrist

To find the right size, we can also wrap a string around our wrists and cut it to the desired length. Then use a ruler to measure its size. After that, we can buy a right-sized Lokai bracelet based on this measurement.

Meanings of Different Lokai Bracelet Colors

When the bracelets are designed and created, Lokai has given special meanings to its colors like red, green, and purple, etc., making it not only a piece of jewelry but also a cause serving society. Here are some examples of Lokai bracelet meanings.

Red Lokai bracelet - to spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS to reduce the number of babies born every day tested positive for HIV/AIDS.

Clear Lokai bracelet - the classic Lokai bracelet, believed to encourage a balanced life and remind us to keep humble in our highs and hopeful in our lowest moments.

Rainbow Lokai bracelet - the Pride bracelet, reminding people of the fact that all humans should have equal rights, no matter who they choose to love.

Blue Lokai bracelet - the Wings for Life bracelet, offering support for spinal cord injuries and subsequent research. Some other versions of blue Lokai bracelets also exist to symbolize more meanings: unwinding blue bracelets for autism awareness, Water blue bracelets for support of marine research, Shark blue bracelets for protecting sharks from becoming extinct, and some other blue Lokai bracelets for different horoscope and zodiac signs.

Purple Lokai bracelet - to spread awareness, research and fight the illness of Alzheimer’s.

Pink Lokai bracelet - to promote awareness and raise funds to support breast cancer research.

Orange Lokai bracelet - to raise awareness for mental health illnesses in partnership with NAMI;

Green Lokai bracelet - designed at the height of the coronavirus pandemic to encourage awareness and raise funds to ensure that no kid goes hungry.

Blue and white – the limited-edition Lokai bracelet designed to support refugees in partnership with International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Black Lokai bracelet - one of the dual bracelet sets, reminding us to be hopeful at the lowest moments.

White Lokai bracelet - another one of the dual bracelet sets, reminding us to stay humble at our highest time.

How to Tell Real or Fake Lokia Bracelet?

Lokai bracelets are unique for their deeper meanings in life. But, to buy a real cheap Lokai bracelet rather than fake ones, we may need to rely on some of its feature designs and craftsmanship, not only tags easy to be replicated.

The white and black beads

Those two where contain the special water and mud are distinctive to make up the Lokai bracelet. They can’t be replaced by any other colored beads.

The size of beads

All beads, including the special two, are of exactly the same size. Fake ones may have the white and black ones oversized.


Real Lokai bracelets are masterfully crafted and all beads are well ordered to keep the same space in between; while fake beads often look like they are squashed together uncomfortably and lack perfect finishes.


Real Lokai bracelets are masterfully crafted and all beads are well ordered to keep the same space in between; while fake beads often look like they are squashed together uncomfortably and lack perfect finishes.

Mesh & Overlap Design

Real Lokai beads lie next to each other, seemed to be melted together smoothly; while fake ones may seem to be glued together recklessly as an afterthought.

Raw edges

Fake Lokai bracelets may have small extra silicone raw edges; while real ones have been taken special efforts to ensure no excess silicone or any other unsightly deficiency.


Real Lokai bracelets have fix-sized Lokai symbols on the white and black beads. The symbols fit the beads perfectly leaving just a little empty space around. And there is a well-designed small inward circle at the bottom of the authentic white and black beads. Fake ones may have unbefitting symbols and large sticking-out circles instead.

Glossiness & Matteness

Real Lokai bracelets have glossy and matte ones. But fake bracelets may mix or change the glossy and matte beads to create some non-existent weird designs. So we may refer to the Lokai official website and remember which are glossy bracelets or matte bracelets.


Real Lokai bracelet usually has a proper package with a manual explaining its special meaning. Fake ones sold as bundled deals may come in only pure plastic packaging.

To sum up, the Lokai bracelet is a piece of fashionable and meaningful jewelry, encouraging us to find balance through highs and lows in life. But we must pay special attention to its prominent features to buy a real Lokai bracelet. Thanks for reading, and hope this article can guide you in making your best choice.

FAQs About Lokai Bracelet

Where to Buy Lokai Bracelets?

We can buy them from the local Lokai brand store, Lokai official website (, or order a Lokai bracelet from Amazon.

Can I Wear My Lokai Bracelet in the Shower?

Yes, we can wear Lokai bracelets in the shower because they’re made of silicone and 100% waterproof. And, the white and black beads on Lokai bracelets are sturdily built with water and mud inserted and sealed. So they will not be damaged by exposure to water.

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