Meaningful Necklaces for Guys Recommendation: Best Guide For Chains & Necklaces

Necklaces are the easiest accessories to wear for men. They are a simple and yet classy way of adding style to your outfit. But do you know that necklaces are used for specific purposes? Meaningful necklaces for guys are the trend nowadays. They tell a story of why a particular necklace is worn for an important occasion.

Before getting your next necklaces, you should read this first. There are a lot of unique men’s necklaces in the market but you have to remember that not all will fit the outfit that you wear. Make sure to browse through this article to get an idea of the different cool necklaces for guys.

Dragon necklace

List of Meaningful Mens Necklaces

Best Mens Pendants with Meanings

1 Dog tag necklaces

One of the most meaningful necklaces for guys is the dog tag necklace. They are originally tags used by military personnel. These dog tag necklaces are their identification cards during the battle. In case of sudden casualties, these dog tags are utilized to identify them and bring them to their loved ones.

These tags contain their name, blood type, and even religious preference. These tags are very resilient against the harshness of the weather.

Behind its male symbol necklace meaning, today dog tag necklaces are used to give an accent to men’s fashion. These necklaces with deep meaning are now used to convey toughness or a military look for men. Some dog tags can even be inscribed with the owner’s details and other personal information.

Stores that offer these men’s necklace pendants include Macy’s, Steel Men, and Tribal Hollywood.

2 Sterling Dragon Necklace

Dragons are the symbol of gods. Some say that they were the ancient rulers of the earth before men came. These cool necklaces for guys bring honor and confidence to the wearer of this pendant. The handmade design of the dragon makes this necklace a great add-on to your style.

3 Personalized GPS Coordinates Necklace

Another example of necklaces with deep meaning is this personalized GPS Coordinate Necklace. Your ideas are limitless with regard to the GPS coordinate that you want to write on the pendant. Is your home your most important address? Does a particular address bring significance to your life? This male symbol necklace brings more meaning to your usual pendant design.

4 Seed of Life Pendant

Do you believe in the seven days of creation? The Seed of Life is the symbolism for creation and fertility. These unique men’s necklaces are part of many religious traditions. They can be found in synagogues, churches, and other prayer books.

They are also symbols of blessing and protection. You can use this seed of life pendant to always remind yourself of being a blessing and protecting other people.

Best Mens Necklaces with Meanings

5 Bloodstone Gem necklace

The name of this gem may be intimidating for some but this men’s talisman necklace brings calming properties to the wearer. This gem is mostly dark green with bright red color. It is also the birthstone for March. This gemstone can be found mostly in Brazil, Australia, China, and the United States.

Aside from their calming properties, they also have healing properties as well as protection attributes.

6 Opal Pendant Stone

Another gemstone that you can get if you are looking for meaningful necklaces for your boyfriend is the opal pendant stone necklaces. These gems have a fire-like appearance because of the spots of red on their surface. In Rome, opal means good fortune and hope.

7 Quartz Pendant Necklace

Quartz is an igneous rock and also an abundant mineral on the planet. Some types of quartz include agate, jasper, amethyst, and milky quartz. Different quartz bears various spirits which are also magical and powerful.

8 Labradorite Argent Necklace

These necklaces have deep meanings. Labradorite is knowns as one of the powerful gems in the mineral kingdom because of the natural energies that it provides. It also helps in removing the negativity of the environment.

Best Wolf Necklace for Guys

9 Sterling Wolf Necklace

The wolf sterling pendant is one of the necklaces with meaningful messages. The wolf symbolizes strength. Men who wear wolf necklaces exude confidence and power. People who see this wolf necklace will definitely offer respect to the wearer.

These wolf pendant designs should also be considered when looking for meaningful necklaces for the boyfriend because of their shape-shifting symbolism. This means the person fully adapts to the current situation that he is in. He regards his decisions based on intuition and assessment of the circumstance.

10 Black Wolf’s Tooth Pendant

This men’s talisman necklace provides the great power and relentlessness that the wolf has. This pendant brings artistry to the outfit as well as ruggedness to the style. Varieties of the necklace include a silver chain or beads.

11 Friends Matching Wolf and Fox Jewelry Set

These men’s necklace pendants are great for men and their girlfriends or best buds. These necklaces bring trust and connection to each other even if they are miles apart. This jewelry is made of stainless steel which makes them very durable and rust-free.

12 Wolf Sterling Silver Pendant

If you want to exude loyalty and guardianship, you should consider this wolf sterling silver pendant. In Roman mythology, wolves are also considered nurturers and protectors.

Best Leather Necklace for Guys

13 Personalized Sound Wave Leather Necklace

For those who want to show their personality in their accessories, you may want to consider this personalized sound wave leather necklace. These necklaces with meaningful messages not only show that you love music but you also present your appreciation of the whole industry.

14 Magic Puzzle Leather Necklace

Another men’s necklace pendant that is quite unique is the magic puzzle leather necklace. Guys with necklaces of this type show another layer of texture to their style. They also make great gifts.

15 Black Feather Leather Necklace

Feathers symbolize truth, peace, and order. Wearing a black feather leather necklace presents a calming demeanor to other people. Some say that feathers also show wisdom and intellect.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meaningful Necklaces for Guys

1. Should I wear metal or a leather necklace?

It depends on the style that you want to convey. Some wear leather necklaces even in formal suits while others use metal chains in their casual attire. Necklaces should show your personality.

2. Should I get customized necklaces?

You should try to add customized necklaces to your collection. Customized necklaces bring another style to your outfit. These meaningful necklaces for guys can also show unconventionality to your aesthetic.

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