How to Properly Combine Watch with Bracelets

Watch with bracelets is a prominent fashion statement no matter what generation you are in. Yet, they are subtle in some way, and I bet only a few individuals are even aware of its eminence. In fact, there are not many search results on the internet when you type in the topic about combining a watch with bracelets. And I believe that one of the reasons why they’re rarely talked about is their simplicity. You can throw in whatever designs or color, and supposedly that’s just about it. However, there’s more to it. And how you carefully choose your accessories may greatly boost your overall style. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of a watch with bracelets, then today’s topic is especially just for you! I also prepared tips on optimizing such styles and help you look your best every time you wear them. So without further delays, let’s begin…

Black stone accent

Which Wrist to Wear Watch with Bracelet

The very first topic we have to address is determining what wrist to wear watches. There are no specific rules regarding the matter. But the commonly followed trend is that the accessories are worn on your dominant hand. It means that if you’re right-handed, it should be placed on your right hand and vice versa. However, there are some individuals who prefer them on their less dominant hand because of less intrusion when they’re writing, cutting, or playing sports. In regards to the number of bracelets, you can put on as much as you like as long as you can tolerate them when worn.

What to Consider When Combining Watch with Bracelet

Combining your watch with bracelets may seem an easy fashion statement to integrate into your desired outfit. However, if you’re seriously considering the idea and want to look the best as you can, then there are several points you have to take note of to combine the two accessories successfully. Let’s check each of them—

Select the Right Accessories

The very first thing you have to consider is the bracelet that best suits your preference. Or, you may choose your preferred watch first before the bracelet. In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter which comes first as long as it matches the style you are going for.

Choose the Right Bracelet Size

In general, bracelets are free size. However, there are some instances where some of them are incredibly tiny that the bracelet would break if a person with large wrists attempts to wear it.  On the other hand, there are occasions when some of the accessories are large, and it would look awkward if worn by a person with a small forearm. With this being said, it is still essential that you refer to the item’s size guide (if there are any) before you buy the bracelets.

Match Your Accessories Well

As mentioned earlier, it is important that your accessories complement each other. You don’t want one of them to appear to be out of place. If you’re going for an outdoor vibe, then you may go for sports watches with rubber or synthetic leather straps. And then, you can match them with bracelets made of the tread or synthetic leather.

On the other hand, if you’re a corporate person and looking for a more professional aesthetic, then you may opt for a watch with bracelets that have a minimalist appeal. For this one, choose stainless steel, silver, or gold vermeil to achieve your desired look.

Experiment with Colors

You can also assemble a watch and bracelet set of several designs and colors. By doing so, it gives you the great benefit of having the freedom to work with varying styles and then match them depending on what is your current outfit or mood for the day.

Of course, the colors and design don’t have to be exactly the same. You can experiment with various elements until you find the perfect combination. For example, stainless steel watches blend well with bracelets that have strong multicolor. As a result, such a combination emits a youthful yet stylish aesthetic as shown below—

Pros and Cons of Wearing Watch and Bracelets on the Same Wrists

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of mix and matching watches and bracelets on same wrist—


As I emphasized earlier, complimenting your watch with bracelets has always been an integral part of our fashion sense as far as I can remember. We see such kind of style no matter what generation you look into. And yes, it will never go out of fashion. However, it doesn’t bear any significant benefits as well. So why even wear one? Well, if you have high regard for fashion, then watches and bracelets are definitely a must-have in your wardrobe. It can definitely improve your outfit and blends well with any theme you come up with for the day.


Although the watch and bracelet combo does provide some level of style, there are several disadvantages when you use them at the same time—

·It may seem that the color and design of the bracelets with watches complement each other, but some jewelry deserves to be more individualized due to their specialness and uniqueness. And they would lose their lustrous when combined with other accessories

·If your bracelets have gemstones embedded in them, then there’s a chance that you might lose them if it’s frequently entangled with the watch

·The bracelet may scratch the surface of your watch, especially if it’s made of stainless steel or other types of metal that are not resistant to scratches

·Lastly, the extra weight from the bracelets and watch may be a little troublesome

The following cons shouldn’t be a problem at all if you take a closer look. And you can definitely benefit from it if you could tolerate these minor inconveniences.

How to Make Watch with Bracelets More Layered

There are no specific guidelines in regards to how many bracelets you can wear alongside your watch. However, you have to take note not to overdress because it would appear awkward. Also, it is recommendable that you wear three to a maximum of four or depending on how many you can tolerate.  The same rule applies to colors and designs. For example, wearing bright bead bracelets doesn’t match with leather or metal bracelets that have strong accents. Therefore, it would be best not to overdo them and stick with complementing colors. In addition, I have listed below additional tips on how to layer bracelets with a watch to help you improve your designs—


What I mean by a minimalistic style is to opt for colors and designs that blend perfectly with each other. Varying designs may sometimes appear cramped and unpleasant to look at. As a result, it would also affect your overall get-up.


You can also layer your accessories with a more classical vibe. For this one, the best combination is matching metals like stainless steel, vermeil gold, copper, or silver with leather or synthetic leather. However, you have to be careful in selecting the accessory you preferred and be certain that you don’t have any skin allergies.

Gold Bracelet with Watch

You can level up your classical theme by opting for gold bracelets and combining them with watches that have leather straps. They’re an excellent choice to be used as your daily wearable in offices or special corporate events.

Wearing Bracelets with Apple Watch

The last element I’d like to mention is apple watches or other android smartwatches. Are they an appropriate accessory in the watch and bracelet culture? And the short answer is yes. The simplistic design of apple watches is just perfect to match with luxurious bracelets. As for other android smartwatches, it’s recommended to opt for those that are minimalistic and have a sleek design.

Watch with Bracelet Recommendation

I have listed below some of the best the combination of watch with bracelets for both men and women that you can immediately incorporate in your outfit—


When we hear the notion of a man wearing bracelets, some might raise their eyebrows, thinking that such fashion is only reserved with female counterparts. However, I guarantee you that it doesn’t affect your masculinity in any way. It’s quite the contrary to tell you honestly. Men can wear bracelets if they want to. Although not the centerpiece of your outfit, it does provide some sort of added boosts. Here are several recommendations for wearing with bracelets for men—

·If you’re working in a corporate setting, treat your bracelets the same as your watches by allowing them to flow in a natural manner as you conduct your day-to-day tasks

·Wearing both bracelets and watch looks better under one wrist than both. This is especially true if you are attending a formal gathering

·As much as possible, never mix metal bracelets with steel watches. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of one accessory being scratched by the other


When it comes to the ladies, you can find tons of flashier options when pairing their luxury watches with bracelets. Such instance, however, is more of a disadvantage than an advantage, and finding the perfect fit may be more challenging compared to the gentlemen. They have to consider elements such as metal, gems, designs, straps, etc. This may be the case—it can give you complete delight once you found the perfect combination of bracelets and watches.  The following are additional tips you can follow to level up your stylish aura—

·Never allow the bracelet to outshine the timepiece. By doing so, gives you the freedom to select less flashy bracelets but still look your best

·You can pair your watch with several thin bracelets as long as their accents blend well. What this means is that if your watches’ strap has strong colors, then opt for bracelets with a similar theme

·Be sure that the combination you choose matches your overall outfit as well. For example, never attempt to wear bracelets and watches with bright colors if you are wearing formal attire—it looks awkward and out of place

The bottomline is that whatever theme you settle in, it is important that you are comfortable with the combination watch with bracelets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Watch with Bracelets

The following are some of the commonly asked questions about the watch with bracelets—

Are Bracelets Feminine?

Bracelets are worn by both genders. There are no rules limiting one group or whatnot to use bracelets and integrate them into their overall fashion statement.

Should You Wear Bracelet on the Same Wrist as Your Watch?

Again, there’s no specific guideline in regards to this matter. However, it does look awkward and unpleasant if the accessories are worn from one hand to the other. Also, bracelets are commonly worn under the same wrist.

Can I Wear a Gold Bracelet with Silver Watch?

Gold and silver is an excellent combination for formal outfits. However, since both are metallic compounds, you have to take note that scratches may occur if they are frequently entangled from one to the other.

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