What is an Eternity Ring? Significance and Proper Wearing

An engagement ring is the highlight of the pre-marriage tradition. And probably among the most popular type of engagement rings around is an eternity ring. And the reason why this is the case is that aside from the already established meaning of the jewelry piece, the gemstones surrounding the entire ring also represent loyalty and lasting relationships. Anyhow, if you want to know more information about the eternity ring and the meaning it purports, then the article I have prepared for today is what you are looking for! So what is an eternity ring? And why is it important? Let’s begin and find out the answers…

Multiple Eternity Ring
Multiple eternity ring

History of Eternity Ring

What is an eternity ring? Before we explore the answer, we have to go back to where it all begins first. The tradition of pre-marriage has been in practice since ancient times. Evidence was found in cultures such as the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, just to name a few of them. However, it was much simpler back in those eras. Metal bands like gold, silver, and copper are sufficient to constitute an agreement between the couples. This is also to show to the people around them that they are no longer open to relationships, so to speak. And then, the trend of embedding diamonds was introduced in a Venice Imperial Court in 1477.

Other varieties of engagement rings were produced in the early parts of the 20th century. Nowadays, there are tons of engagement rings you can choose from, and each of them is supposed to signify different meanings. And as I mentioned earlier, the most popular variety in the market is the eternity engagement ring, also known as an infinity ring. The ring was the brainchild of a jewelry merchant named De Beers, and he first introduced the ring to the market in the 60s. His work became an instant hit not only because of the sparkles it emits but also of the meaning attached to wearing them.

The Meaning of Eternity Ring

If it’s your first time seeing an eternity ring, what you’ll observe initially is the number of gemstones embedded into the jewelry piece. A common design of an eternity ring is composed of a thick metal band (usually gold or silver) that’s surrounded by a set of gemstones. The precious stones are typically identical, but it may depend on the preferences of the bride-to-be who is going to wear them. And as a result, the ring emits tantalizing glitz that would be hard for the public not to notice.

But beyond the apparent aesthetics of the ring is extremely appealing to many consumers is because of the eternity ring meaning. The diamonds encircling the ring represent loyalty and a lasting relationship. Another query one may have in mind—how many stones in an eternity ring? An apparent answer is that it depends on the size and thickness of the ring, but the common practice is that jewelry makers usually embed five up to nine precious stones. Now, the gemstones included could be uniform or a combination of several elements. Also, the user can choose whether it would be fully embedded with stones or just half of the ring.

When Do You Give an Eternity Ring?

So when do you traditionally give an eternity ring? If you have this specific question in mind, then you have to take note that eternity rings are still essentially engagement rings. Therefore, the appropriate period of giving an eternity ring from boyfriend is after you have popped the million-dollar question—will you marry me? And answered yes! Although they are popularly known for such purposes, eternity rings are not limited to couples. You may also use them as your regular rings. However, you may not want to put them on your left-hand ring finger because I’m sure you don’t want people to get the wrong impression that you’re already in a committed relationship.

With this being said—some may ask if it’s appropriate to give them to your boyfriend or guy friends. And the answer to this question is a resounding yes. The truth is that an eternity ring men are a common sight in today’s generation—the sparkles of the eternity ring can definitely boost your fashion sense and look dapper in public.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring?

There’s no specific rule or guidelines in the proper wearing of eternity rings if it’s for common use. But if you’re going to wear them as an engagement ring, then the tradition of placing them on your right left-hand finger is the proper way of doing it. On the other hand, if you’re using them as a wedding ring, then the aforementioned jewelry is placed on the same ring finger where the engagement ring is situated. However, it has to be over the engagement ring. And if you are looking for the best engagement rings with the best features and reliable form factor, then you better try Eternity Ring Tiffany.

Final Thoughts

I hope my discussion has provided you with the answer to this important question—what is an eternity ring? And why they may be the perfect engagement ring for you and your bride-to-be. In addition to the stunning shine emitted by the eternity ring, the meaning, and significance purported by the item make it extra special and unique. They also make a good jewelry accessory for special gatherings and formal occasions. However, since they are using multiple gemstones, expect a high price for an eternity ring piece. It is a bit pricey, and you need to prepare your budget if you’re considering buying an eternity ring.

Well, I believe we have covered sufficient grounds here! I’d like to thank you for the effort and for taking time off in reading my discussion on the eternity ring. I hope to see you on the next topics! Peace!

FAQ about What is an Eternity Ring

1. What is the difference between a wedding ring and an eternity ring?

Wedding rings that include diamonds generally only wrap halfway around, but eternity bands feature a never-ending circle of diamonds, which symbolizes everlasting love.

2. How much should an eternity ring cost?

The cost of an eternity ring varies depending on many factors such as shape, size, and quality of the diamonds. For example, a traditional round diamond will set you back around $1-2k, but if it's fancy or unique style then prices may be over $50,000.