What are Swarovski Crystals? Info, Uniqueness, and Care

What are Swarovski crystals? And what makes them special from the rest of the gemstones around? Are they worth buying or not? If you have these concerns in mind, then this article is what you are looking for! In today’s topic, I have prepared the essential information you need about Swarovski Crystals and key points you have to take note of if you’re considering buying one for yourself. So without further ado, let’s begin…

Swarovski crystal

What are Swarovski Crystals?

Swarovski crystals are man-made gemstones manufactured in Austria. The Swarovski meaning is actually named after its founder Daniel Swarovski, which was also formerly known as David Swartz. The first set of gemstones were produced in 1892 and was the result of Daniel’s invention of the high-precision machine that can generate clean and quality cut through glass crystals. It also uses the aid of minerals, quartz, and sands to be able to craft the gemstones.

Swarovski crystals are a family-operated business for five generations as of today. And the exact manufacturing process and other essential raw materials used remain a family secret. This may be the case—they are highly sought-after because of their unique aesthetics and the brilliance of the craftsmanship in each of the gemstones.

What are Swarovski Crystals Made of?

Again, the manufacturing of Swarovski elements crystal is a family secret, and it would still be the case for the foreseeable future. All we know is that the gemstones also contain some of the basic materials found in many ornamental accessories today, such as fine grade sand, quartz, and minerals. Also, it was found that 32% of lead and is responsible for the luster and sparkle of the gemstones. Also, although lead is known to be a toxic compound, it is potentially safe in humans in this form.

The high refraction rate of the machines creates the precise cuts of the crystal Swarovski. In fact, the equipment is extremely powerful that the gems could bend light by 100 facets. After the cutting process, the last process involves polishing which includes applying a special coating to protect the gems from weathering. The compounds in the polishing agents are comprised of substances that enhance the sparkle of the glass to a rainbow spectrum consistency.

Are Swarovski Crystals Real Crystal?

So are Swarovski crystals diamonds? Or are they even real crystals? The short answer is no. When we say authentic crystals, it refers to gemstones that are mined in nature. As discussed, Swarovski Crystals are man-made and produced through a high-technology machine. This may be the case—they are highly-priced and probably the most valuable among other synthetic glass gems.

Swarovski Crystal vs Cubic Zirconia vs Diamonds

Due to the overall quality and excellent craftsmanship of Swarovski crystals, it is often mistaken for authentic precious gems such as diamonds and cubic zirconia. In this section, I will talk about its differences with these compounds—

Swarovski Crystal vs Diamonds

Diamonds are the ladies’ best friend, as the saying goes. However, not everybody may have the capacity to add them into their collection. Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives in the market that have the same luster as diamonds but at a lower cost. And two of the most popular options today are the Swarovski Crystals and Cubic Zirconia. Just from this statement, you can immediately surmise the difference from one another. The fact that these gems are used as alternative gemstones tells a lot about their uniqueness. However, it doesn’t mean that their quality is subpar. The gems are well-made that you can’t tell the difference between a diamond and Swarovski crystal.

Swarovski Crystal vs Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is the most popular option because it closely resembles a diamond compared to Swarovski crystal. Also, it’s more durable and less prone to breakage if it accidentally falls to the ground. But overall, the physical structure of both glass gems is still pretty much the same. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly diamond look-alike, then opt for a Swarovski crystal.

Is Swarovski Real Gold?

No. As repeatedly explained throughout the article, Swarovski is a man-made glass gem. Although the Swarovski gold tone jewelry has a finishing layer of gold, it is in no way related to any production of metals.

What Makes Swarovski Special?

Another important factor in answering the question “What are Swarovski Crystals?” is what makes them unique from the rest. First and foremost, Swarovski crystals aren’t exactly mass-produced at an industrial level since the business is family-owned. What this means is that you can expect proper diligence and excellent workmanship in crafting one Swarovski crystal since their name is at stake.

Also, they’re using crafting technique secret that has been with the family for many generations, and their advanced machines are able to make high precisions cuts that produce the high-quality gems we know today. They also add a special coating that gives the gems their luster and allows them to shine for many years to come. Swarovski crystals are highly in demand due to their likeness to a real diamond yet affordable price.

How do I Know if My SwarovskiCrystal is Real?

There are several ways how you can tell whether the crystals in your possession are real or fake. The first sign we have to consider is the name of the crystals. Let’s go over some of the telltale signs of a fake crystal—

• A definite sign of a fake crystal is the existence of an air bubble inside the gems

• The luster of Swarovski crystal is far superior to that of imitation crystal.

• Each Swarovski crystal is the same size and cut.

• Bright and over-saturated colors. You have to do your homework first and research the crystal’s genuine texture before you buy them.

Lastly, it’s highly advisable that you purchase your crystals at trusted retailers to be sure that what you’re buying is authentic.

How to Care Swarovski Crystals?

Proper care and maintenance of Swarovski crystals are relatively straightforward and don’t require any special methods to do so. However, it is important that you regularly shine them using a polishing agent to maintain the gems’ luster. In case of removing dirt, rinse them first using lukewarm water with small amounts of mild powdered soap. Afterward, rinse them under running water.

What is Swarovski Crystal Worth?

Although the Swarovski crystals are man-made gems, they are still valuable and more expensive than a typical glass accessory. And the reason why they’re still a little costly is due to the high precision process of producing one gem. The price of Swarovski crystal could go as low as $89 to a whopping amount of $2,000.

What is Swarovski Elements?

The term Swarovski Elements is a label branded by the company on each of the gems to certify that they’re authentic. It’s a great advantage for consumers who are looking for genuine Swarovski crystals to aid them in identifying the authenticity of the products.

Where to Buy Swarovski Crystals?

The best place to buy authentic Swarovski products is on their website. Below are some of my recommendations that especially highlights the beauty of the glass gems—

Orbita Stud Earrings

The color of opal and royal blue provides a perfect combination of luxury and elegance. As a result, it’s an excellent piece for formal social gatherings.

Photo credit: Swarovski.com

Attract Pear Mini Hoop Pierced Earrings

This pair of Swarovski earrings have a unique luster that makes them excellent during office days or corporate events.

Photo credit: Swarovski.com

Millennia Necklace

The Millennia Necklace blends well with any clothing you have in mind. It suits whether it’s for formal or casual attire.

Photo credit: Swarovski.com

As you see, the price is very budget-friendly, and some individuals can even buy Swarovski crystals bulk. I believe that’s just about it! I hope today’s topic has provided you sufficient information in answering the question—what are Swarovski crystals?