Trends and Significance of Men with Earrings

Men with earrings are no longer that unusual in the present day. Although earrings are a prominent part of women’s fashion, they have also become the norm in a man’s collection of accessories. In most cases, they are worn by someone to boost their sense of style. However, you have to take note that there are plenty of reasons beyond fashion why a man may want to wear earrings. And in today’s article, I will take on this matter and attempt to provide an explanation of why men prefer to wear earrings nowadays. Additionally, I’ll list the types of earrings for guys and my recommended brand for each of them. So without any further delays, let’s begin…

Stud Earring

Why More and More Men with Earrings?

So what’s the reason behind why we are seeing more men with earrings? On the surface, it appears that the primary explanation is it’s their fashion statement or they’re keeping up with popular trends. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let’s take a look at a few possible reasons why a man wear earring—

·Status Symbol - yes, if you want to show people around you your status in life, then one of the best ways to do so is through your clothing and the types of accessories you are wearing, like jewelry.

·Attract Potential Partners - many people believe that wearing earrings are sexy, and it could help them attract potential partners.

·Marking Your Gender Identity – another common explanation for men with earrings is to display their gender identity. For example, the right earlobe is often referred to as the mark of homosexuality.

·Tradition – in some areas around the globe, wearing earrings are part of their culture. And one example of such traditions is the Hindus who perform ear piercing on their third or fifth offspring.

·Spirituality – earrings may also mean spirituality. This is especially true for individuals with long ear lobes, which are often associated with the Buddha. To them, it also means superior status and spiritual growth.

The abovementioned explanations were just the common factors why a guy would opt to wear an earring. Although we often link ear jewelry as feminine, it is no longer the case. I sincerely believe that each of us has the right to follow our fashion sense and portray ourselves in public what we intend to be. In the following section, I’ll provide a deeper meaning behind such a trend, and are earrings on guys attractive?

Men with Earrings Meaning

As mentioned, men with earrings are no longer a stranger to our society. This may be the case—many individuals still have an overall negative connotation with guys with such accessories. As I mentioned in the previous parts of the article, we have the freedom to dress whatever we want to be, and it is our right to do. Also, men don’t just wear earrings for no reason at all. It bears special significance to them for most of the time, so who are we to judge, right? The following are additional explanations why men wear earrings—

Historical Meaning

The custom of men wearing earrings dates backs as far as ancient times. Some of the notable figures that have worn earrings during their lifetime are Rembrandt, William Shakespeare, and King James Ⅱ. In addition, historical records show that the ancient high-ranking men of Rome, Greece, Persia, and India have been wearing them as well. As you see, men during these eras don’t just wear them for the sake of style, but rather it has a special significance that compels them to wear the earrings no matter where they go.

Ancient civilizations in East Asia have a belief back then that if a man wears an earring on his left earlobe—it means that his life was jeopardized before. And to prevent the event from happening again, they would wear them as they believed to be. During the peak of the Hippie generation in the 60s, there was a popular saying that goes, “right is wrong, and left is right.” This was to rebel against the common belief that men wear an earring on their left earlobe is an indication of homosexuality.

Popular Trends

Fashion is fluid and ever-changing. It means that what’s trendy right now may be outdated in the following months or so. But the good news is that men with earrings are very much alive in 2021 and into the following years. However, the question still remains—are earrings on guys hot or not? Are they attractive at all? In the next section, you’ll learn more about men’s earring style and some of my recommended ear jewelry pieces that you can find online.

Men with Earrings Meaning on Different Ears

Some might not be aware of it, but the placement of men’s earrings has specific implications, as discussed earlier. By now, the question of why do guys wear earrings in their left ear has been pretty much established. As I discussed, men with earrings that are worn in their left earlobe simply mean that they are showing to the people around them that they’re part of the LGBTQ+ community. However, there are no specific rules on their placement. The bottom line is that you can freely wear it in either ear or on both ears.

Types of Earrings for Men

There’s a wide range of designs to choose from when you browse the web for a men’s earring style. And which type of ear jewelry piece you’ll wear may rely on your preferred starter earrings for guys, and which one best complements your style. There are several types of earrings on men, and I have listed them below to help you in determining which you’ll buy—

Stud Earrings  

They’re the most popular choice of jewelry pieces among men because they’re masculine, versatile, and minimalistic. They also come in different sizes and colors. As a result, it aids you to mix and match depending on your preference or mood for the day.

Hoop Earrings

If stud earrings are the most popular ear jewelry, hoop earrings are the most commonly used ear accessory due to their apparent style and versatility. One notable personality that wears hoop earrings is David Beckham. However, they may not be as comfortable as they should be because they would dangle every time you are on the move.

Barbell Earrings

As the name of the item suggests, it is a jewelry piece that’s shaped like a barbell that has two balls on each side. Other variations of the barbell earrings include horseshoe or the curved barbell earring. Removing and inserting them is simple—there’s a screw-type mechanism on one side of the earring that you have to twist, and then you can insert them into one of your pierced earlobes.

Clip-On/Magnetic Earrings

If you’re not comfortable with puncturing your earlobes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy wearing earrings. A popular mode of earring piece for people with no piercing is the magnetic or clip-on earrings. However, a huge disadvantage of magnetic earnings is that they might easily fall without you being aware that they’re already gone.

Novelty Earrings

Novelty accessories are also popular earrings for men. If you want your overall fashion statement to be a little more unique and loud, if you will, then this type of jewelry is a perfect choice.

Men’s Fashion Earrings Recommendation

If you’re still not sure of what earrings to buy, then I have listed some of my recommended earrings to help you in deciding what type of earrings to avail of—

·Lieblich Black Round Stud Earrings – this brand of stud earrings is the best quality item around. In addition, they’re very affordable and suitable for all skin types.

·Jstyle Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings – for hoop earrings, I highly recommend Jstyle for minimalistic yet aesthetic designs. What’s great about the brand is that it’s budget-friendly, and you’ll get all three designs (gold, silver, and black) in one package.

·Loyallook Stainless Steel Earrings – this brand offers the best quality and affordable barbell earrings. In addition, you get 16 pairs of jewelry items for just a small amount.

·Wainis Stainless Steel Magnetic Earrings – selecting a quality clip-on earring could be challenging because most of the items you see online are subpar and falls off easily. But if you’re looking for the best around, then Wainis Earrings is probably the brand you need.

·Aroncent Huggie Earring Hoops – Aroncent offers a wide variety of novelty earrings that can blend well with any outfit you have for the day. Wearing them gives you some sense of uniqueness, and it provides some sort of confidence as men with earrings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Men with Earrings

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about men with earrings—

What Do Women Think of Men with Earrings?

Women vary in opinion when it comes to body modification, especially to men with earrings. Most females are particularly indifferent about such matters, but some see men who do have earrings as confident and have a good sense for fashion.

Which Ear is Gay Ear?

Traditionally, when only one earring is pierced into the right earlobe, it indicates the homosexuality of a person.

Do Straight Guys Wear Earrings?

Yes, there are no specific rules prohibiting men from wearing any earrings. In fact, such a style was practiced even in ancient times.

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