The Basic Guide for Men’s Necklace Styles

Men’s necklace styles are far different from women’s necklaces. For example, most men wear necklaces that aren’t labeled as costume jewelry. Necklaces embellished with huge precious stones and rows of smaller ones are considered to be a fashion exclusive for women. Also, a guy’s jewelry piece is usually meant to complement their outfit and not overwhelm them. In other words, men’s necklace styles are less flashy than compared to feminine jewelry. For today’s topic, I will discuss the basic points in men’s necklaces and how to choose the best necklaces that perfectly suit your style. I will also present the different types of designs you have to consider and their proper cleaning and maintenance. So without further ado, let’s begin…

Dog tag necklace

What to Consider while Picking a Men’s Necklace?

There are several considerations you have to take note of in choosing the perfect men’s necklace styles. For one thing, the necklace styles may depend on your outfit for the day or the social gathering you are going to attend. Also, you have to bear in mind the following factors in order to determine the set of accessories that best suits your style—


A layered necklace simply means wearing more than one accessory. The combination of necklaces is meant to create a unique aesthetic based on your personality. Also, mix and matching necklaces is a great way to show off your sense of style to the public. An important factor in necklace layering is the length of each accessory to highlight the design of the necklace. In addition, you have to consider the designs of the necklaces and make sure that they complement each other and blend well with your outfit.


As mentioned, the men’s necklace styles play an important role in your overall appearance. And in finding the best mens necklaces, you have to consider the materials used in crafting the accessory. To give you some of the popular options around, here is a list of the common items that could affect your style—

  • Metals – the most basic consideration we have to take note of in men in chain collections of necklaces is the metal used in their necklaces. Aside from their apparent differences, each metal type emits varying aesthetics and effect on your outfit. You have to select a minimalist and slim necklace if you’re wearing them as a supporting accessory. Also, you have to be careful with the number of necklaces you’re wearing so it wouldn’t overwhelm your outfit.
  • Rope and hemp cord – these types of necklaces have an outdoor vibe that makes them only suitable for a casual style. Also, you may associate them with outdoor individuals or surfers.
  • Wood – necklaces made of wood appeal to individuals with an active outdoor lifestyle and those with a political stance, especially if it’s related to the environment. Some of the common forms of wood necklaces for men are in bead form—they are excellent for casual attires.
  • Leather – Such items have a simplistic style which is an excellent choice for both casual and formal outfits. However, these necklaces are not ideal for clothing that has collars.

Length and Width

As mentioned, men wear necklaces to complement their outfits. Therefore, another important factor in determining the best male necklaces is the length and width of the accessory. Mens necklace lengths are essential because your overall style may rely on how you properly manage them. Let’s go over some of the specifics of each necklace chain length you have to bear in mind—


  • Short necklaces – these necklaces are also referred to as choker-style due to their apparent short lengths. However, make no mistake that they won’t choke your overall style and would be an ideal fit for any occasion and clothing—may it be casual or a formal suit and tie.
  • Medium necklaces – medium size necklaces typically fall below the collar bone. Such length conceals the full size of the accessory when you are wearing a typical round-necked t-shirt. In the case of collar shirts, you may unbutton them if you’re looking to highlight them.
  • Long necklaces – necklaces of this length are recommendable as pendants. It means that they should be worn outside your clothing. The downside of long necklaces is that some of them may not be ideal if you’re thinking of making them a supporting accessory. Depending on the style and precious metals used, such necklaces may overwhelm your outfit.


There’s a different approach in regards to the necklace’s width. Some might not think that they do not matter at all, but this is not always the case. The width of the necklace indicates its overall weight, which determines the comfort level. You will find many width options in the market, which typically range from 0.9mm to 11mm. For maximum comfort and style, select between 2mm to 4mm if you have a small built. For individuals with medium and larger builts, they can opt for necklaces with a width of at least 5mm.

5 Types Men’s Necklace (Types + Recommendation)

When shopping for a man’s necklace, you also have to take note of the different designs of the accessory. Below is a list of some of the popular types of necklaces and my recommendation for each design—

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are the most common necklace men preferred to wear—most of them have a simplistic and classy design that makes them an excellent necklace for both casual and formal attire. And if you’re looking for the best mens necklace style of this design, the brand that comes to mind is the Pendant Healing Necklace.

Curb Chain Necklaces

Curb chain necklaces are a classic design accessory popular with both genders. They have traditional interloping chains locked with each other that make them an excellent piece during casual social gatherings like birthdays or non-formal corporate events.  And the best silver necklace in the market is the Waitsoul Cuban Curb Chain Necklace.

Dog Tag Necklaces

The dog tag necklace is an accessory that is typically used in the military. Such an accessory has a minimalistic style, but the item you’re going to use may depend on the design of the dog tag necklace. You should go for a necklace that has more designs or colors if you intend to pair it with a casual outfit. Or, if you’re planning to blend it with formal attires, then the best item to opt for are the ones that have a simple aesthetic, such as the Moukeren Motivational Acrylic Dog Tag Necklaces.

Choker necklaces

These necklaces have shorter lengths compared to other types of necklaces. The term choker was used because they are short and close to your neck. The main advantage of such accessories is that they hang comfortably around your neck and don’t dangle as you move around. You also won’t have problems with them in regards to Chain Thickness because they’re still pretty much lightweight and convenient to wear. And if you’re considering buying choker necklaces, my recommended brand is the ChainsPro Men Chunky Miami Cuban Chain.

Beaded Necklaces

As the term suggests, such necklaces are highlighted by their beaded designs. The beads of the necklaces come in varying designs and colors. And depending on your mood for the day, you can experiment and mix and match with different necklaces that suit your overall outfit. And the best men’s necklace fashion of this type that I can highly recommend is either the SCIONE Beaded Necklace or Auras by Osiris Men Necklaces.

How to Care and Clean Men’s Necklace

Maintenance and proper cleaning may depend on the men’s necklace styles you are using. It includes consideration of the necklace’s core materials. Let’s go over some of the common cleaning procedures you have to consider—

Gold necklaces

You can wash your gold necklaces by hand if they do not have precious stones embedded in them. You can simply put them in warm water mixed with a dishwashing liquid. And then, you can rub them lightly to remove residues and eliminate germs thriving in the accessory. If you’re considering using a brush, opt for those that have soft bristles to avoid scratching the surface of the necklace. Afterward, rinse off the dishwashing liquid and dry them by using a cloth.

Silver necklaces

Silver necklaces are a lot more prone to tarnish in comparison to gold. Therefore, it needs extra care and attention when cleaning the necklace. You can use polishing creams to clean necklaces that have simple designs. Also, such products are usually used to remove the tarnish as well. However, it could be challenging if we’re dealing with heavily braided necklaces. For such types of accessories, we may need brushes with soft bristles to clean the jewelry. After the accessories are cleaned, rinse off the chemicals with warm water and dry them with a cloth.

Rope and cord necklaces

Rope and cord necklaces are easier to clean compared to those made of precious metals. An ordinary handwash soap or dishwashing liquid is sufficient to remove the dirt and sanitize them. If your necklace obtained heavy dirt, you could use a fingernail brush to clean them. Lastly, dry them using a towel or dry cloth.

Other necklaces

As for other types of necklaces like wood and carbon fiber, you can pretty much clean them by using a dishwashing liquid—they are mild, dissolve quickly, and are very easy to rinse off. Again, you have to remind yourself of the men’s necklace styles to determine the cleaning procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Men’s Necklace Style

The following are some of the commonly asked questions about men’s necklace style—

How Thick Should a Chain Be for a Pendant?

The typical thickness you have to consider is about 0.9mm to 1.7mm. However, if you’re looking for a more lightweight necklace, then opt for a maximum of 1mm.

Gold or Silver Chain for Guys?

There’s no apparent rule whether gold or silver is more appropriate for guys. However, since each metal emits different aesthetics, you may rely on these factors in picking the accessory you’re going to use. For example, if you’re aiming for a flashier yet classy overall style, then gold is the perfect fit. On the other hand, silver is suitable for formal outfits. (Find the best gold chains for men.)

Are Necklaces on Guys Cool?

It can definitely boost a man’s sense of style and make him more attractive.

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