What Does the Mood Ring Colors Mean? Are They Accurate?

What are mood ring colors? What do the colors on a mood ring mean? And do they really provide the true depiction of your current emotional state? If you have these questions in mind, then the article I have prepared today is specially written just for you! I will particularly provide you its historical significance, how it works, accuracy, and the meaning of each color. So without any further delays, let’s begin…

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History of Mood Rings

Mood rings were considered to have been invented in 1975 by Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. There’s another person by the name of Marvin Wernick who claims to be its original developer a decade earlier. However, the two residents of New York we spoke about earlier were acknowledged to be the true inventor of the mood rings. Well, it doesn’t really matter because the wearers never paid that much attention to whoever invented them. But what is definite is that they were a fad during the 70s. It’s the generation of the flower children or the hippies—an era where vibrant colors are trendy and the generation’s fashion staple.

Although they’re no longer as popular as they used to be, many people still wear and integrate them into their overall attire one way or the other. And one reason why this is the case is because of the mood ring colors and its ability to change hues which gives your style a different vibe from time to time. The traditional oblate feature of the core item gives the rings a unique aesthetic that makes them an excellent piece for fashion enthusiasts who loves to explore.

How Mood Rings Change Color? (How Mood Rings Work)

Mood rings are an absolute wonder to the layman. However, the science behind the colors of a mood ring is rather simple and uncomplicated. The core item of the accessories contains liquid crystals. These chemicals change colors depending on the temperature of the subject to where it’s attached to. In the case of wearable, the mood ring colors rely on your body temperature. Yes, the compounds inside the rings can detect sudden changes in warmth or coolness, and they can provide you an insight into your physiology.

But some of you might still beg the question of how is it possible? Let’s take, for example, the moment of stress. When you are under pressure, your blood level rises and goes directly to the organs and epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). And when such events happen, your skin temperature will warm as well. The higher your temperature is, the more vibrant the color it emits. And as your temperature goes down, the more shades of gray the ring produces. In the next section of the article, I will present the mood ring color chart and what each palette represents.

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Mood Ring Color Chart and Its Meaning

As mentioned in the previous section, the mood ring colors changes depending on the temperature it was able to read. Based on popular belief, the tone it produces is supposed to indicate the mood or current emotion of the wearer. I have listed in the following the mood ring colors meaning and their representation. It is observed that the item emits a variety of eight shades, and here they are—

• Black – Pressured, anxious, stressed, depressed, and fatigue

• Brown – Self-conscious, nervous, mellow, and unfocused

• Purple – Extremely pleased, moody, optimistic, love, and warm

• Light Blue – Calm, upbeat, highly motivated, spontaneous, and peaceful

• Dark Blue – Happy, serene, relaxed, and amorous (feeling loved)

• Green – Annoyed, restless, worried, and distressed

• Orange – Confused, upset, nervous, challenged, uncomfortable, and irritated

• Pink – Very happy, curious, warm, and highly affectionate

As you see, the readings on the mood ring chart should indicate more positivity the cooler the results are. And the more pronounced the palette, the more negative the readings are. However, what if, in some instances, it produces a brighter hue? With this being said—what does white mean on a mood band ring? It does happen on some occasions, and if it does emit white colors, it means boredom, confusion, and frustration.

How Accurate are Mood Ring Colors

Mood ring colors rely on the bodily temperature, as repeatedly emphasized all throughout the article. Although there’s a sudden rise and fall in temperature based on the individuals’ current emotional state, you have to take note that the color scheme may not be a precise depiction of the person’s true condition. There are several factors that may increase your body temperature that may disregard what the mood ring colors mean. Let’s take a look at some of the examples of these factors—

• Weather – is your current area warm or cold? Remember that your body temperature is affected by your environment as well

• Health condition – yes, there are specific types of medical conditions that normally cause your body temperature to abnormally change. Some examples are hypertension, malnutrition, diabetes, hypothyroidism, anorexia nervosa, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and physical injuries, just to name a few.

• Clothing – your attire can also significantly influences the reading of the mood ring colors. Our clothing directly affects the air circulation over our body, such as moisture regulation and cooling. If moisture is retained, expect that your body will get warmer as time progresses.

Don’t get me wrong here—there’s nothing wrong with wearing the accessory. However, it might not be a good idea to depend on the mood ring colors and meanings it’s supposed to represent.

How Long Do Mood Rings Color Last?

Although there are advances in our technology, including fashion, the mood ring colors 2021 version is still the same as those produced in the 70s. They’re not as accurate as advertised. The crystal chemicals merely rely on surrounding temperature, which is not reliable in any way. With this being said—the colors will last and change as soon as the warmth and coolness are regulated.

I believed we’d covered sufficient grounds here today. I hope today’s topics provided you the information you need about mood ring colors. And if you’re looking for the best and more stylish rings around, then you have to check out Boho-Magic’ Spinner Moon Ring.

Frequently Asked Question about Mood Ring Colors

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about mood ring colors—

Do Mood Rings Actually Tell Your Mood?

The rings reflect your current body temperature. However, it does not provide your true emotional state because it only relies on external sources.

What is Worried on a Mood Ring?

Dark colors on the chart are believed to represent feelings of anxiety and depression.

Are Mood Rings Dangerous?

Be careful not to puncture the mood rings. And the reason why this is the case is that the crystal chemicals are mostly made of lead. As we all know, this element could be potentially harmful to humans.

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